Martial Law: Tucson City Council Gives Complete Authority Over to Military

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It's been reported:

"On February 20, 2013, the Tucson, Arizona City Council passed a resolution allowing the U.S. Air Force to ?make appropriate decisions when balancing National Security and community needs when it comes to their existing and future military mission and assignments.?

"In other words, the resolution allows the military to reject decisions made by the people of Tucson."

The resolution can be viewed here:

Further reported

"The resolution is posted on the Tucson government website (as of this writing) and further states that it ?is necessary for the preservation of the peace, health and safety of the City of Tucson that this Resolution become immediately effective, an emergency is hereby declared to exist and this Resolution shall be effective immediately upon its passage and adoption.?

"In short, the Council has imposed what for all practical purposes is a declaration of martial law on the residents of Tucson."

This is outrageous. We, The Undersigned, understand very clearly that this is an "experiment" in seeing how the American Public will respond to this act of Martial Law.

If Americans do nothing and say nothing, (Which is what The Powers That Be are counting on) What happened in Tuscon, will happen in another city...and another.....and another......... Until....

Americans are encouraged to blast their politicians until they are blue in the face. Petition, Email, Call your Senators and Representatives, both State and Federal, and tell them in no uncertain terms, that what happened in Tuscon WILL NOT happen in YOUR town or city!

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