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Free Jesse Argumedo

The wrongful imprisonment of Jesse Argumedo

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No Texting or Talking While Driving In Florida

More Accidents Resulting In Injury and/or Death Of Innocent People

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In response to the issue of \'Dead Peasant\' insurance plans

A petition to regulate a company from taking a whole life insurance policy on any given employee, the act is wrongful and immoral in that a company is indefinite in longevity and can exploit the insurance plan in order to garner a sum upon an employe

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We wish to respond to the recent letter you received from The Office of Children's Issues Overseas Citizens Services Bureau of Consular Affairs

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Help the Pine Ridge Reservation NOW

Urgent help is needed for the Lakota people living on Pine Ridge Rez

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Tell congress to entend Bush tax cuts for ONLY those making under $250,000!

Congress can extend Bush tax cuts for those earning under $250,000 WITHOUT extending tax cuts for the very wealthy. Tell congress to stand up and vote ONLY for an extension of tax cuts for those earning less than $250,000!

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Animal Rescue Where is our money going?

Looking for oversite that regulates spending by National Rescue groups

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Congress, Do not touch ou Social Security. Do not raise the age to 67

Your Social Security is in Danger. Don't let them touch it.

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Truth, Integrity and Bi-partisanship in Governance

Do you want honesty in the United States political system? If so, send your voice to Congress. Let Congress know you expect truth, integrity and bi-partisanship!