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Stop the Epipen Price Gouging

Investigate Mylan's 420% price increase on life-saving Epipen
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if you comply your kids will die in dss custody .

dss makes big mistakes and parent make one mistake kiss your kids good bye

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No more restrictions on guns

We need to stop clintons, obamas, bernies and jeb bushs attack on our gun rights.

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Have a full jury trial before issuing RO against fathers/mothers

Court system one-sided and unfair in issuing Restraining Orders

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Close boarders now.

Don't you elected officials think that closing all boarders now, not after the horse gets out, would be in the best interest of the safety of American Citizens!!

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Child Support Reform

Equality for our children

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Rent Out the White House on Airbnb!

Create extra revenue to help out with our national debt!

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Make the political system truely effective again!

Desolve political parties so government, and citizens can vote their conscience instead of party line.