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Drinking age

Change the age for drinking to 18 years old

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Credit Checks by Employers and Corporations

STOP credit checks without offering credit

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Federal Funding for Existing Energy Efficient Lighting Retrofit Rebates

Matching federal funds for existing state and utility energy efficient lighting retrofit rebate programs will create American jobs, improve our economy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

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An Act Requiring Communication Of Mammographic Breast Density Information To Patients

Women with Dense breasts are up to 5 times more likely to develop breast cancer

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All USA government contracts should be givin to only companies under a stipulation that 90% of the people employed by them are citizens in the USA.

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retroactive on crack law

some people have been sentence to, to much time.

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Unfair Treatment In This Economic Climate

Many of those who are obligated to pay child support or those who are recently released from prison having to pay child support, I think its unfair to prosecute them to the fullest of th law because of the lack of jobs.

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Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

The crack cocaine laws have changed; we are trying to get the new law to apply to people who have been sentenced unfairly in the past.

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Changing Laws to Save Lives: Make the New Crack Law) ( S. 1789 - Fair Sentencing Act of 2010) Retroactive

The drug policy has made a false distinction between powdered and crack cocaine and has perpetuated a racial caste system when it comes to our criminal justice system.

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