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Stop all Foreclosures Now!!

Conduct extensive investigations now!!

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Keep The FDA Out and Legalize Adult Stem Cell Therapy l

Lets get well in our country. We have the right to adult stem cell therapy. The FDA does not own our bodies.

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Ban Outsourcing to Create Employment and Improve the Economy

Lets start banning certain goods, so we can get back to work.

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Let Obama know that you are tired of defending him, his administration, and his mantle of change.

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Expedite Visas for the 80 Families in the Adoption Pipeline

Approximately 80 "pipeline families" experiencing long delays in the processing of their investigations and issuing of visas to newly adopted Nepali orphans. Some of these families are stranded in Kathmandu with their children while they await decisi

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Legalize Marijauna

Legalize Marijauna And Tax It To Help Our National Debt!!!

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Please support H.R. 5746,

United States Postal Service?s CSRS Obligation Modification Act of 2010

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Please Oppose S. 3831

The Postal Operations Sustainment and Transformation (POST) of 2010

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2011 cola for social security

the elderly deserve a raise

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