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Remove Justice Scalia

The man has clearly lost touch with reality. He does not belong on the Supreme Court.

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100% Financing for Solar Panels, Full House Batteries and Electric Cars

Financial security for families and millions of new jobs.

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Supervised Lending - 100% Federally Backed Small Business Loans

Provide supervised lending and 100% federally backed small business loans for entrepreneurs with strong business plans.

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NFA regulated items

Remove suppressors as an NFA regulated item.

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$10,000 Rewards for Drug Dealers

Offer $10,000 cash rewards for information leading to the capture and conviction of drug dealers.

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Tracking Child Support Spending

Don't Let Child Support Payments Cover Luxury Expenditures

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Change the MMPA, Marine Mammal Protection Act law

Change the law so it no longer allows holding of captive marine mammals for public display

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Gang Stalking is trying to destroy people who have empathy and sympathy the ability to connect the dots.

Those who are destined to reign feel the pain of the insane Gang Stalking crew.

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Stop Tech Industry Abuse of the H1B Visa Program

Please close the loopholes that allow the Tech Industry to fire American workers and replace them with foreign workers by misuse of H1B visa program

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Child support violates the 13th amendment

The child support system is broken

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