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I strongly urge you to adopt as firm policy of U.S. Congress and U.S. Government, to support the technology of Hydrogen-On-Demand. It SAFELY and CHEAPLY produces hydrogen from water, on demand, onboard vehicles and generators. This will help our economy ? FREEDOM FROM FOREIGN OIL ? and boost environmental protection. It will set an example by the U.S. as an opinion leader on technology, to all governments of the world.

Since the 1800?s Hydrogen-On-Demand has been extensively researched and documented by NASA scientists, U.S. Patent Office, U.S. Department of Transportation, automotive engineers and thousands of private experimenters. It has been shown, time and time again, to increase fuel economy, drastically decrease harmful emissions and also reduce noise and heat.

The Internet has enabled widespread exchange of research papers between inventors and experimenters, leading to an enormous rise in public awareness that Hydrogen-On-Demand can be used to remedy our economy and to protect the environment at the same time.

What is not commonly realized is that Hydrogen-On-Demand can be used by domestic oil companies to make petrol drilling, production and transportation cheaper and more environment-friendly, MAKING IT THE BEST FRIEND OF OUR PETROL INDUSTRY ? especially now that they are facing growing competition from alternative energy industries such as wind and solar.

Dependency on foreign oil has clearly become a National Security hazard. On the other hand, we can't wait another day since the environmental clock is ticking faster every day we wait. There is no need ?to study this further? since the technology is very well documented already. Every delay is detrimental to our survival as a nation and as a species.

Therefore, I urge you to take any action necessary to ensure that:

1) Efforts made by private citizens experimenting with Hydrogen-On-Demand are validated and supported.

2) Congress and Government endorse the GOVERNMENT-PROVEN scientific validity of supplemental hydrogen.

3) Add a paragraph to the Motor Vehicle Code, to allow and support backyard tinkering that promotes national economy, National Security and the environment.

4) Add a paragraph to the Federal Tax Code, to allow Hydrogen-On-Demand to qualify for tax deductibility, under the IRS own policy to incentivise clean-burning fuels.

We are petitioning for clean air, quiet roads and streets, and the right to distribute energy knowledge and products. Change is inevitable ? but we petition to make it smooth and agreeable in America, otherwise Hydrogen-On-Demand would be picked by Eastern countries, leaving America far behind in the field of energy ? the most important field of technology, economy and National Security.

Ozzie Freedom of Sunland, California, and the undersigned members of the Hydrogen-On-Demand community, in the United States and throughout the world

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Apr 20th, 2012
Someone from Kokomo, IN signed.
Mar 18th, 2012
Someone from Newark, NJ writes:
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Stop the Oil companies from bleeding us.
Mar 14th, 2012
Someone from Perris, CA signed.
Mar 13th, 2012
Someone from Mascoutah, IL signed.
Mar 8th, 2012
Someone from Bloomington, IN signed.
Mar 7th, 2012
Someone from Dallas, TX signed.
Mar 2nd, 2012
Someone from San Diego, CA writes:
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I worked in the Middle East before and saw how wealthy they are. Petrol is cheaper than water there. Been a long time we're dependent on their oil. A must for a change.
Mar 2nd, 2012
Someone from Paris, MO signed.
Feb 26th, 2012
Someone from Lake Charles, LA signed.
Feb 25th, 2012
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Feb 15th, 2012
Someone from Shannon, GA signed.
Feb 11th, 2012
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Feb 4th, 2012
Someone from Mansfield, OH signed.
Feb 4th, 2012
Someone from Olivehurst, CA writes:
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you elected servants of the people now start doing what the people want or face the chance of not getting re-elected
Jan 23rd, 2012
Someone from Payson, UT signed.
Jan 19th, 2012
Someone from Orlando, FL writes:
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I am ready to work in this project, I am a mechanical engineeering and believe in this
Jan 19th, 2012
Someone from Saint Louis, MO writes:
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this is great, if the government dosen't do what it usually dose. That is, pass a law that looks like it helps people, but really screws them.
Jan 18th, 2012
Someone from Charleston, WV writes:
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Please USA and the environment
Jan 17th, 2012
Someone from Mansfield, OH signed.
Jan 11th, 2012
Someone from Victorville, CA writes:
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I have been able to run a 1/2 horse power lawnmower engine with 5.5 lpm of hho and it only took 30 amps with my home made oxy-hydrogen generator This has been know for over one hundred years. What a lie democracy turned out to be. jose romero
Jan 9th, 2012
Someone from Payson, UT signed.
Jan 9th, 2012
Someone from Fairfield, CA signed.
Jan 8th, 2012
Someone from Encinitas, CA writes:
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Love is worth changing for.
Jan 7th, 2012
Someone from Escondido, CA signed.
Jan 7th, 2012
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Jan 6th, 2012
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Jan 6th, 2012
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Jan 6th, 2012
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Jan 6th, 2012
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Jan 6th, 2012
Someone from Mims, FL writes:
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I would rather breath O2
Dec 22nd, 2011
Someone from Baton Rouge, LA signed.
Oct 4th, 2011
Someone from Springdale, WA writes:
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This is two faced petition, since the dot gov already provides grants for hydrogen production and technology. I wonder who drumed up this useless webpage? Also very important, you do not need their approval because the water is also being used in the same exact way and manner under the hood of all vehicles today already. The hydrogen electrolsyer hydrogen producer is the same as a car battery. It makes the same type hydrogen fuel under your hood every day already.... California has been a thief to this country and all society ever since the start of Hollywood, and that is exactly why since Regan took a gov office, the country has gone downhill into the dumps by two faced law. The tunning of a real goverment, has not any place for movie stars. In a real court of law, With a true jury, It would have to be thrown out because of the true Facts. This is a useless petition, that anyone in the automotive lawmaking field would understand, it has to be ignored, and they know that. But what do you know is the question here.
Sep 28th, 2011
Someone from Mount Union, PA writes:
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I think it's well over do. I have been doing a lot of research on this subject lately do the the state of our economy. I would like to see laws changed to permit the use of hydrite as well for hydrogen based research and use.
Sep 28th, 2011
Someone from Mount Union, PA signed.
Sep 24th, 2011
Someone from Fitzgerald, GA signed.
Sep 17th, 2011
Someone from Davis, CA signed.
Aug 15th, 2011
Someone from Hyde Park, NY signed.
Aug 12th, 2011
Someone from Peyton, CO writes:
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Tesla was all about giving us his discovery. But the freedom of power would profit.from our new way of life. We must fight.
Jul 24th, 2011
Someone from Hamilton, OH signed.
Jul 16th, 2011
Someone from Arlington, VA signed.

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