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A World Free of Cancer

Motivating big biotech to finding a cure and effective vaccines for cancer.

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Help Bring Nicholas Home!

Nicholas' Adoptive Parents have been fighting since 12/24/06 to bring him home.

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Disability Laws Need To Change

Allow people with severe disabilities to get married while maintaining benefits

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Tell Congress to Pass Strong Food safety Legislation!

Wood pallets pose dangerous risks to food safety

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Stop Obamacare!!

Have a voice! Take charge of your healthcare. If you don't, who will?

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Free Internet for Deployed Soldiers

The soldiers who are fighting for our country should be able to contact their families without cost. They are fighting for our freedom.

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"Do Not Disclose"

We want to control the privacy of our medical records

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repeal the bill

help repeal the health care bill

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Florida Senate Bill 6