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Stop Health Care Reform

Stop Health Care Reform once and for all

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Increase Funding for Affordable Housing

We currently lead some of the poorest countries in the world with homeless children and families.

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Protect People and the Environment from Pesticides

Pesticides come at a deadly price and have poisoned our food and our environment, congress needs to promote healthy, sustainable farms.

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Economic Recovery for the People

Help the people that need the help.

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Reinstate Felon Rights

A petition to reinstate the constitutional rights of non-violent offenders, including voting, the ability to travel out of country, and an end to employment discrimination.

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Ban BHA& BHT food preservatives

Consumers in the 70's refused to buy products with these additives and caused maufactureres to stop using them,

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Ban the Altering of Images in Magazines and Advertisements

Bring true beauty out and eliminate fake, unattainable standards promoted in the media.

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Calling for a comprehensive and cohesive manufacturing policy to improve our global competitive posture.

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We live in a world of Change, We must work together to build a society of advanced culture and understanding

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