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Dear White House Members,

I have just learned of the LEGAL bear baiting events that occur often in South Carolina and I do not set well with this. I am appalled by the LEGAL cruel inhumane treatment that these bears endure. I am requesting that bear baiting be banned.

These bears stand and shake in fear. Although they know what is about to happen they can do nothing to stop it - a rope attached to a metal ring in their nose is tied to a post in the ground, holding them in place. All they can do is wait and watch as the crowd around them cheers in anticipation. Suddenly, dogs are released into the arena - bred and trained to attack, the dogs lunge at the bear, sinking their sharp teeth into the bears sensitive muzzle and ears.

The bear tries desperately to defend itself but the teeth and claws have been removed and all they can do is tuck their head behind their paws and lash out blindly. The attack goes on for several minutes until finally the bear is brought to the ground and the dogs are declared the winners. This is a disgrace to mankind. It is baffling that this is still legal in your state and that you hand out permits for this. Also the South Carolina DNR does not inspect bear baiting competitions.

These bears are treated in such a cruel an inhumane manner as you can see in this video link:

The LAW of DISGRACE - showing where they have crossed out the words bear-baiting - half way through the the writing
in this document ->

I trust that upon examination of the above facts you will agree that it is in the best interest of the United States Congress to ban bear baiting.

Yours faithfully,
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