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Pressure Egypt to Protect the Copts and Prosecute Perpetrators of Violence

Your signature on this petition will ask your member of Congress to use his or her influencing power to pressure the Egyptian government to effectively protect the Copts in Egypt from violence and discrimination.

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Petition to move Leonard Peltier to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota

Leonard is very ill, suffering and needs medical attention now

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Outlaw Meat and Dairy

Ban meat and dairy and legalize cooked vegan food and vegan drugs

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impeach Gov. Chris Christie

Gov. Christie has let New Jersey down time and time again

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Federal Reserve Bank Audit

We the people of the United States ask our leaders to audit the private corporation of the Federal Reserve

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Life Imprisonment and Execution For Pedophiles and Rapists

Life imprisonment and execution for pedophiles and rapists

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Don't fund the bloody wild horse roundups!

Cut Government Waste in Interior Department Budget

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Stop Illegal Aliens!!!


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