Stop Agression Against Our Allies the Kurds Now

I write as a resident of your District and State to urge you to support the people of Kurdistan.

Right now Kurdistan is under attack. Thousands of PMF and Iranian-backed Shia-Militias, the latter lead by a top Iranian commander, are turning US heavy weaponry on the West's friends, the Kurds. This was utterly unprovoked.

Following the free and fair democratic referendum for Kurdish independence on 25th September, authoritarian regimes in Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria imposed blockades, embargoes and closed the airspace, hampering efforts to support some 2 million refugees and imposing suffering on the whole people of Kurdistan in Iraq.

Iraq's constitution does not allow any military action by the government on its own people. Please tell the Iraqi government in Bagdad to stop their ferocious assualt on the people of Kurdistan. Please urgently do all in your power to de-escalate and ensure that dialogue is started immediately to stop a war in the Middle East.

Do not turn a blind eye to our brave Kurdish friends who have so valiantly fought ISIS, but for which the whole of Iraq was threatened by this death cult. Imagine, had they not done this how the influence of a much greater ISIS state would be playing out on our streets. We owe them a debt and the West must act now and do all in our power to stop this and facilitate dialogue.

It would be ludicrous not to stand by those who have chosen the ballot box towards self-determination, the people who are our closest allies in the region and who are the among the most pro-Western.

Yours sincerely