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Stop the Epipen Price Gouging

Investigate Mylan's 420% price increase on life-saving Epipen
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The Law of Contradiction (The Contradiction of Laws)

Helping protect America?s constitutional rights sense 2009, we at www.crazyworld.us lobby for the best interest of the people! Don?t be hurt again by your government, take action now!

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DrugTest those on Public Assistance

help to save tax dollars and help those who need it

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Support Increased Competition in Wireless Telecommunications

Petition the government to encourage the use of unlicensed spectrum to help stimulate competition and lower wireless costs for consumers.

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Americans against same-sex marriages

Marriage was first established for the purpose of procreation, and should remain such, only between a man and a woman.

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stop burning the quran

I strongly protest against this event. It should be cancelled and it should not place at all its a stupid idea ALLAH AKBAR.

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Stop The Plight of Americans in Foreclosure

This is a plan to finally help those in foreclosure or headed in that direction

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Legalize Marijauna

Legalize Marijauna And Tax It To Help Our National Debt!!!

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Stop Mandatory Minnimium Sentencing

give offenders the right to be treated as individuals

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Smoke free Children

All children should not be exposed to second hand smoking by anyone!

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Dependent insurance coverage

Require US employers to comply with dependent coverage to age 26 now and not at next enrollment.