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Help the Animals at Fort Worth Animal care and Control get their Money back which was misappropriated and never went to the animals.

Mayor Betsy Price Return the $50,000. that was to be used for a HVAC System for the animal at Fort Worth Animal Care and Control instead of being used for showers for your cycling cronies...

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Repeal The Adam Walsh Act,

unconstitutional and victimizing

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Unfair Child Support Calculation for Military Service Members

State Law should restrict presiding Judges from the addition of BAH, Cola and Special Pay while calculating Child.

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Subpoena Leon Panetta

To Make The TRUTH come out about Benghazi so family members can put it to rest

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A classroom presentation program should exist to give the students hands-on learning experience of rescued animals

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Mexico Does NOT Tolerate Illegal Immigration

Want to get into Mexico Illegally? Mexico will not show the same stupidity as the U.S.

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Tax Exemption for Deaf or Deaf-Blind Workers.

Encouraging deaf or deaf-blind people to work!

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Protect Our Children. Hold Drug Dealers/Suppliers Accountable. (The Summer\'s Law Initiative)

If a minor dies as a result of being provided a controlled substance by an adult the adult should be charged with MURDER