9/11 Congressional Review

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We, the undersigned citizens of the United States,

who now avail themselves of their ancient and undoubted right thus to present a grievance common to your Petitioners in the certain assurance that your honorable Congress will therefore provide a remedy, humbly sheweth our belief that there is sufficient doubt about the omissions and inconsistencies in the official United States of America 9/11 Commission Report to show that 9/11 was an act of pre-set explosives and controlled demolitions. Foremost, the official United States of America 9/11 Commission Report omits new forensic evidence of the use of explosives that might have been the actual cause of the destruction of the World Trade Center Twin Towers and the collapse of the third World Trade Center Building 7. And, as a result, the United States, engaged in the Global War of Terror, therefore has a responsibility to verify the findings of the United States of America 9/11 Commission Report before committing our military and other resources to the conflict.


Your Petitioners pray for the Government of the United States to conduct a


of the omissions and inconsistencies in the official United States of America 9/11 Commission Report and of the new forensic evidence listed below.

The new forensic evidence includes, but is not limited to:

Total destruction of buildings with pulverization of concrete floors proceeding symmetrically through the path of the greatest resistance at nearly free-fall acceleration;
Several tons of molten iron/steel found in the debris piles of all 3 high-rises and billions of previously molten iron microspheres in all of the WTC dust;
Nano-thermite composite incendiaries discovered throughout the WTC dust.
DVD Material entitled: 9/11: Blueprint for Truth by AE911Truth.org ( View on-line in English)
The peer-reviewed paper Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe, by Niels H. Harrit, et al. posted at the Bentham Open Chemical Physics Journal.

Your Petitioners pray for the Government of the United States to conduct a congressional review using advice from citizens groups and expert witnesses in the field of 9/11 studies in order to protect Americans against future acts of pre-set explosives and controlled demolitions and ensure that our military resources are spent properly.

Your petitioners, as in duty bound, will ever pray,

The Undersigned

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Facts show 9/11 is a controlled demolition
Under law justice murder 3235adelia ave el monte by commity
The government of USA Inc Should ALL be arrested NOW fer TREASON ! ! !
I want to see a new investigation.
This is the most important issue our nation has ever faced. The truth about what happened on that day must come to light. Now is the time. Look at our country! Look at our world! 9-11 started the war on Terror, but who are the real terrorists? I pray you will act responsibly on this issue.
I am one of the 9/11 victims diagnosed with numerous life threatening diseases and became disabled end of 2012. EPA tested the air inside our apt. & found Asbestos three years later. All along the residents who resided in close proximity were told that the air quality was fine. Residents of Tribeca and Battery Park are getting sick and dying. We reached out to our president, our senators, congressmen & governor and found out that no one really cares. Yet, some are lobbying for the victim compensation fund to be extended while the wounded are dying before getting compensated. I doubt the government will protect us but worth giving it a shot.
Please help sign this very important petition
The truth will set you free!
OMG! Check out the collapse of Bldg 7 ... then you will rush to get a new 911 investigation started! The Red Coats are coming! The Red Coats are coming! Arise!
12 years is just to long for a lie to hold strength. It is time for you guys to let the truth be know. We need a real investigation into the events of 911.