Stop Court-Ordered Domestic Violence

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Tatiana Pauwels Nine Initiatives For State Legislatures To End Court-Ordered Domestic Violence By The U.S. Family Court System:

1. Require judges, childrens attorneys, mediators, law enforcement and other professionals to receive certified training in recognizing domestic violence, gender bias, and the effects of domestic violence on children

2. Screen for domestic violence in custody case initiation

3. Ban Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) and other unscientific theories

4. Repeal laws and practices regarding Friendly Parent and Joint Custody

5. Allow children to speak and testify before a judge

6. Hold judges accountable for their decisions by eradicating the use of domestic violence gag orders imposed upon protective mothers and their support teams

7. Require child protective agencies to consult and partner with domestic violence advocates when domestic violence is suspected

8. Correct past mistakes: Revoke joint/shared custody decrees where there is evidence of abuse in the childs environment

9. Abuser must pass the Assessing Change in Batterers" by Lundy Bancroft and Jay G. Silverman, before he/she may have any contact with the person he/she abused.

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Mediators should also be held accountable as mandated reporters for negelcting to report child abuse.
My ex mother in law got sole custody of my children when judge Sheri Y. Dean became judge. She now has removed my mother's rights and has imposed high child support and 50 % medical & dental insurance and 50% of the bills as well. My mother on law has been caught lying mutiple situations in court. Her husband admits to giving my children alcohol. My ex. Mother in law has given her prescription of Lexapro to my child and slapping and hitting them. She has kept my kids (kidnapped them) 2 times prior and when judge sheri dean became judge she handed to her like smooth as butter. No psych eval. No parenting classes. No polygraph. This is an act of extreme injustice and has really hurt my 2 children. My ex mother in law asked me to get an abortion because she would never want 2 children to watch. She tried to pay me when my youngest was a new born for my oldest child who was 5 at the time. She would give me 2 months of bills in full and $2000.00 this is after her , her husband and my ex husband came into my home while separated and i was nursing our bany they took everything of value including my refeigerator. My ex. Mother in law claimed my children were not doing so well in school. There is so much more. I have been going to court since 2001 and presently now in 2015. They won't quit filing against me when they are the problem and it was my fault for being so nice and walking eggshells for such sick sociopathic people. Please stop this judge from being a family kudge. She makes these rulings and easily giving children to the dads or grandparents in so many many cases. I believe she does it to keep the large quantities of money rolling thru. It is a tradgedy. Judge Sheri Dean would best fit as a judge for death row criminal court not at all a Family Judge. She has given the grandparents 100% and more of what they asked for and me 0% nothing. HELP! Please
Family court is a joke. The is no justice for children who cant speak for themselves and the don't listen to the mother any more and the lawyers don't care as soon as you pay them they do as little work as possible and whatever happens happens they don't care they got paid.
My ex controlled me for 20 years. Since I've left, my daughter has taken my place as the object of his need for control. And the courts gave their imprimatur. There is no justice system anymore unless you have the money to pay for a certain result.
My ex legally kidnapped my children to Sweden.
My daughter was an 11 months nursing infant and my son was scared of the father and yet the court forced my to hand over my babies to the man who raped me. Please help the children.
I lost both my daughter and my son to my abuser on 05/29/2015. Please protect our children