Stop Court-Ordered Domestic Violence

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Tatiana Pauwels Nine Initiatives For State Legislatures To End Court-Ordered Domestic Violence By The U.S. Family Court System:

1. Require judges, childrens attorneys, mediators, law enforcement and other professionals to receive certified training in recognizing domestic violence, gender bias, and the effects of domestic violence on children

2. Screen for domestic violence in custody case initiation

3. Ban Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) and other unscientific theories

4. Repeal laws and practices regarding Friendly Parent and Joint Custody

5. Allow children to speak and testify before a judge

6. Hold judges accountable for their decisions by eradicating the use of domestic violence gag orders imposed upon protective mothers and their support teams

7. Require child protective agencies to consult and partner with domestic violence advocates when domestic violence is suspected

8. Correct past mistakes: Revoke joint/shared custody decrees where there is evidence of abuse in the childs environment

9. Abuser must pass the Assessing Change in Batterers" by Lundy Bancroft and Jay G. Silverman, before he/she may have any contact with the person he/she abused.

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I lost both my daughter and my son to my abuser on 05/29/2015. Please protect our children
My ex is getting away with alienating out children from me. I haven't seen them since June 20th and don't get to talk to them but maybe once a week "if they want to talk". This is something that needs to be corrected in the courts, this should never be legal.
I have sole custody praise God! But my ex still has regular visitation and phone calls with my son. He tells my son everything and appeases everything my son says. This all feeds into the abuse and control. He has been remarried for 5 years. Let it go!!!
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they just need to shut all of the corrupt, inhumane and lnjust CPS down.