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According to the Constitution of the United States of America, Article 2, Section 1, "No Person except a "Natural Born Citizen", or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the signing of this Constitution, shall be eligible to hold the Office of President."

Whereas, The Second Session of the First Continental Congress, back in March of 1790, defined "Natural Born Citizen" to mean a child born of two parents who must both be American Citizens”;and

Whereas, The wording of the definition of “Natural Born Citizen” as established by our First Continental Congress in 1790 states:

"And the children of "citizens" of the United States, that may be born beyond sea, or out of the limits of the United States shall be considered as natural born citizens; Provided, that the
right of citizenship shall not descend to persons whose fathers have never been resident in the United States."

Whereas, Our Constitution is the supreme law of the land and the written will and authority of We the People; and

Whereas, We the People contend that Barack H. Obama, AKA Barry Soetoro, has failed to meet the requirement necessary to hold the office of President of the United States of America; and

Whereas, Mr. Barack H. Obama, AKA Barry Soetoro, failed to disclose his Indonesian citizenship and hid the fact that he had previously renounced his U.S. citizenship; and

Whereas, The law requires that such persons who want to regain their U.S. citizenship, upon reaching the age of 18, must go before the appropriate US State Department and apply for re-instatement of citizenship, and swear allegiance to the United States of America; and

Whereas, Mr. Barack H. Obama, AKA Barry Soetoro failed to confirm his allegiance to the United States of America upon his 18th birthday as prescribed by law; and

Whereas, Mr. Barack H. Obama, AKA Barry Soetoro was still using his Indonesian citizenship to gain entry into Pakistan in 1981; and

Whereas, Mr. Barack H. Obama, AKA Barry Soetoro, did not disclose his Indonesian citizenship, and has failed to affirm his allegiance to the United States of America and has withheld that from the American public; and

Whereas, The House and Senate has failed to act on this matter and abide by and honor the Constitution of the United States of America and failed to honor their pledge to defend our Constitution; and

Therefore, We the People demand that the House Judiciary Committee take immediate action to remove the usurper, Mr. Barack H. Obama, AKA Barry Soetoro, from unlawfully and unconstitutionally holding the office of President of the United States of America.

Be it further resolved that, the House Judiciary Committee start an immediate investigation into Mr. Barack H. Obama, AKA Barry Soetoro to determine his true citizenship, and this investigation be followed by removing said usurper Mr. Barack H. Obama, AKA Barry Soetoro, from the Office of President of the United States of America.

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He does not support our Country, He does not respect our Country, and I believe he is taking advantage of his position. I can't believe any President would approve of compensation for the citizens of the families of the ancestors of slavery when after all we have already went through in this Country when it comes to racism. All it does is fuel the fire, not to mention the amount of money that our Country is already in debt for. I believe Obama is only out for himself by even suggesting this. OMG, and to pay your wife to be your wife, Please. If you have noticed, I have not and never will address you as President, and I have noticed that a lot of others in the public eye and media only refers to you as Obama.
Here come the Muslims to an American City near you:
"Join Obama's military, be forcibly feminized"

Temple University ROTC cadets forced to wear red high heeled shoes to support feminism:
How and Why Executive Orders are Illegal Treason:
Just when Obama could not seem any worse, beware of 'Swillary':
More False Flags on the way:

Do not let Obama continue to build on fraudulent legislation such as the patriot act
I can't believe that congress/senate is so blind that they can't see what Obama is doing to our country. He has done away with our religion and trying to make us a third world country and have all people living off the government. He has committed so many crimes and changes rules as he goes. It is about time the house/senate step forward and do the job we sent them to Washington to do. He ruined our military where they can't prey, read the bible or religious etc. Obama was never vetted so we have no idea where he was schooled or born. If he went to Pakistan IN 1981, he did not go on American passport because we did not have relations with them then.
It has been confirmed that ISIS is Training in Mexico. On July 15th
when Obama's so called Jade Helm Military Exercise begins, U.S.
Troops will operate undetected among our American population. Train
loads of Military equipment have been seen crossing through Canada
headed toward the West Coast. The Police have been warned and have
been ordered to stand down.

Really Obama? This would be a prime time to integrate your Radical
Muslim brothers into our Country and I, like many others, can see
through your lies and deceit and won't for one minute believe any
thing you may ever say again. The way I see it and I'm older and
much wiser than you, is that either "You Die" or We die.

From my view, it's time You Visit Your Father in Hell.
Immediately impeach the president, fire and or imprison ALL OF THEM including his staff and appointees... and then place some limits on the Congress and stop these criminal professional politicians!!!!!
Bombshell Evidence Suggests Jade Helm Is Connected To Massive Cyber Event, Planned Since 2013

By now most have heard of the planned Jade Helm 15 military training
exercises due to take place throughout America from July 15 through
September 15, 2015, which many believe is the US Gov. preparations
for martial law, where multiple states are listed as "hostile," with the
US military training for "uncoventional warfare," with surgical strikes
and extractions, among other things.
Obama want to change America, He does not like the USA