United Nations violations

My petition specifically requests the United States to back away from the United Nations or have the United Nations disbanded. The reason behind my request is the United Nations by its silence to the murder of 1400s innocent Israeli civilians including children babies women being raped and bodily mutilations including beheadings of babies is a clear violation of both unicef as well as international law. By the United Nations own silence regarding the Hamas atrocities it is violated its own charter specifically article 33 article 34 article 35 article 36 article 37 and article 38. Those articles are meant for international law for the United Nations to be neutral and keeping international peace as well as condemning any organization or country that violates such peace and commits atrocities against humanity. By them not reacting to the atrocities committed against Israel and instead condemning Israel for defending itself speaks very loudly for its anti Semitic stance that it currently holds. I understand a 1/3 of the United Nations if not greater is Arab and or Muslim. yet including Russia who you invaded Ukraine no actions were taken against Russia but Israel got condemned for defending itself. In the past year israel was condemned over 15 times in the United Nations for defending itself and shooting down rockets. Israel for the past several years has been hit by rockets coming out of Gaza aimed at Israel which is a clear violation of international treaties. It is also a violation of the Abraham Accords. It is also a violation of the two state solution which the Arabs demand and yet reject every time it's on the table. The PLO pays $10,000 including a free apartment for every Palestinian civilian who kills an Israeli citizen. And yet the United Nations does not respond or condemn it. And the latest atrocities Hamas is murdered innocent Israeli civilians babies women and children including the molestation of children and the rape of women including genital mutilation yet the United Nations has yet to condemn it. Instead the United Nations clearly condemned Israel for defending itself and attacking Hamas. It is pretty clear as being an Israeli and the Jew as well as an American citizen that the United Nations is pro Palestinian Pro Hamas and Anti Semitic. It is for that reason that I put this post and request the United Nations to be disbanded. What purpose does the United nations even exist if it does not obey and follow its own charter and its own rules. The United Nations was created to protect humanity from the atrocities of war not to protect Arab countries and terrorists from condemnation and rule of law. Lives is to protect man from man not to protect Palestinians and Arabs from Jews. When Jews are the ones that are the victims. I therefore request that the United States government exit the United Nations as members and disband the United Nations as a whole because it serves no purpose if it does not obey its own charter and protect humanity. The United Nations was created for the sole purpose to protect mankind from itself and from the atrocities committed both in World War 1 and World War 2 if the United Nations fails to do their job then why does it exist. If so a new United Nations need to be formed that will protect mankind in humanity without biased of sex religion country of origin or color.