... to be continued

A thank you email for the I information I provided about the corruption at the Tarrant County Texas family Court, District Judge, associate Judge and the whole staff included the security guard , they are orchestrated by the criiminals lawyers who are the ones to rule and overstepped without scruples any order or thrust. How a judge intimidate, shouts and does not allowed any word from the person who have been abused by a criminal? Also the judge have the right to lie and change orders as she/he goes Unbeiable display of corruption, abuse and truly criminal behaviors from an institution who is supposedly to protect and not promoted and rewards bad behaviors. I just wonder, if this petitiom to the congress is to ventilated how much we know, so they can keep steps ahead of us. I ask the Congress: What are you will do about it ? Anything else more than follow the protocol sending a thank you email and promising you are going to check? Less politics and more back bone just work in the cases and less burocracie.