Thanks for signing. Don't forget to call you representatives - PHONE CALLS ARE VERY POWERFUL

Two very easy ways for you to call. Call 1-844-USA-0234 (1-844-872-0234) and enter your zip code to be connected directly with your elected officials. Or Go to enter your address and a list of all your representatives with their phone numbers will come up. Here is a useful script for your message: Evacuate our allies in Afghanistan now. The USA must help those who helped us. As our government secures the Kabul airport to evacuate US citizens and embassy staff, we urge the Biden administration to mobilize all available resources to evacuate Afghans who helped our troops and Human Rights Defenders threatened by the Taliban. The US government has the names and contact information of SIV (special immigrant visas) visa applicants, women’s rights and human rights leaders, and vulnerable people targeted for reprisal from the Taliban. We cannot abandon our loyal friends and their families whose lives are in immediate danger. We must honor our commitments to our allies.