Save America: Impeach Pelowsi

Nancy Pelowsi has proven by her track record, to be a present and current threat to our freedoms in America. She continually blames others who don’t agree with her Socialist point of view for what she personally does. The hypocrisy is stifling to most Americans. She has imposed her own draconian views upon members of the House. Acting as the Queen of the House she will punish anyone who even questions her authority. Her mask mandates for ( Her) House are absurd , considering she obeys none of her rules. It’s done in the House to show how much power she believes she has. She has been seen many times at parties with her ‘ friends’ without any masks on anyone there , sitting a foot apart and laughing it up. This shows very obviously she she doesn’t believe masks or distancing work. Don’t even question her heiress: just wear your mask, distance and shut up peasants. How sad America has come to this. Divisiveness is how she and those like her maintain the rules bad or not. Is that who we want for the Speaker of the House?? She had fences erected around the Capital like it was a war zone. Her political views are so far left , most just don’t agree with her. Though she has her own party terrified to say a word. Her political views and actions are contrary to our Freedoms in America. Over the past eight months Americans have lost many of their freedoms. It’s because of people like her that want bigger and bigger government and to keep the people down. This is not the America the majority of Americans want. Her wasteful spending she allows is causing inflation to rise so much just buying food cost about 30% more than 8 months ago. How many trillions are spent on programs with deceptive names who don’t do real infrastructure, but fund the petty projects of the extreme left. If this does not change NOW , there will be no America, no freedoms we have known. This situation is DIRE . Americans unite and reject this great evil in our land. Not with violence. It would accomplish nothing. Impeach Nancy Pelowsi