My Daughter Matters( Lupron bad drug)

Alexis is 17 and has been going through the same thing she can't function, can't get out of bed, she can't eat, lost her job, her schooling is spiraling out of control, she doesn't go to town with friends anymore, she has no energy, vomiting, pale, joint pain, aches, back pain, stomach, and pelvic, having numbness in hands,legs, and feet, dizziness, having to now see a rheumatologist and Dr bluhm a gasterologist specialist, something about the renal area. It's never ending and never any answers.. passing out, weakness always sick. Like I'm watching my daughter turned into something I don't know and I am helpless to the situation. And yet the endometriosis never goes away. There is no cure. What do we do???? The Lupron injection has mede my daughter much sicker than what she was. And even though I told her Dr of all the side effects and symptoms, she continued to deny it was the Lupron. So now I have a 17 year old daughter in depression from this evil drug, and still no answers of how to get her better, she is in so much pain. Crying, hardly able to make it to school to finish her education with her dreams of being a crime scene investigator, and working together with the police and other law enforcement. Her go a has dropped so low I front know if that's gonna be possible now. She has already lost a job over this drug. I want my daughter back. She wants her dreams and life back. Please stop this drug from ruining lives. Speak up for the girls, and women. And now no Dr we need to see will take her Medicaid and we don't have the money to pay. We need help.