MAKE THE WORLD GREAT! "The New Beginning" [Voyager Evolution] =x/.\x= {Hulcules}

UPDATE! (November 15th, 2020 @ 12:25 a.m. U.S. (my location time)) I had to rework the GOVERNMENT WORLD BANK CONTENT because if all governments agree to be 1 GOVERNMENT, the GOVERNMENT would be able to have unlimited currency for GOVERNMENT spending under this entire legal contract but more updates will be coming soon. It is a GOVERNMENT BANK SYSTEM so it isn't a LOAN. Simply financial security for GOVERNMENT NEEDS. NO MORE WAR!!! READ THIS ENTIRE CONTRACT AND GET SHARING IT WITH WORLD LEADERS IMMEDIATLEY!!! ___________________________________________________________________________ "THE NEW BEGINNING" - [VOYAGER EVOLUTION]; (November 15, 2020 @ 12:25 a.m. (my location time) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ PREFIX: TO ALL WORLD LEADERS, I am sharing this content to HELP the WORLD understand what the FUTURE could be if everyone CEASEFIRE and discuss our future. I have a lot of work to do and I will UPDATE to further SHARE content but it is an EMERGENCY that I share it IMMEDIATELY ___________________________________________________________________________ [TABLE OF CONTENTS] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (A) - [WORLD PEACE TREATY]: (B) - [WORLD BANK & CURRENCY]: (C) - [WORLD TRADE]: (D) - [INFRASTRUCTURE]: (E) - [REGIONAL SECURITY]: (F) - [PUBLIC SCHOOL SECURITY]: (G) - [IMMIGRATION REFORM]: (H) - [ECONOMIC STRATEGY]: (I) - [TECHNOLOGY CONCEPTS]: (J) - [BUSINESS STRATEGY]: (K) - [WORLD CONSTITUTION]: (L) - [LEGAL MATTERS]: (M) - [IN REGARDS TO MY DAUGHTER {JAYLA}]: ___________________________________________________________________________ (A) - [WORLD PEACE TREATY]: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The WORLD needs to understand that it is IMPORTANT to resolve the conflicts with a CEASEFIRE and abide by this LEGAL contract (OBLIGATION) to prevent any further abuse and WAR's. I understand people take PRIDE in their way but hear me out as I LEAD the WORLD into the FUTURE for all of our EARTHLINGS! ALL WORLD LEADERS, I want to discuss 1 UNIFORM for all EARTH's GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS (Title) that will be EARTH's DEFENSE & SECURITY together as 1 GOVERNMENT. I feel that 1 FLAG for all GOVERNMENT would be necessary for this "REVOLUTIONARY" change for what is best for the EXISTENCE! EARTH's FLAG could and honestly I feel needs to be of a globe with all continents. The first side of the globe would be the continent of which the SUN rises first (daily) and then the continent of which the SUN sets last (daily). I feel it is appropriate and NOT debatable. Around the GLOBE, I think constellation's of the GALAXY would be INSPIRING and UNDERSTOOD of our EXISTENCE. Graphics could easily be designed in all REGIONS (countries or nation) for the FLAG but presented to the WORLD for the WORLD to come together in VOTE for EARTH's FLAG. All of EARTH's DEFENSE will be assigned strictly to their jurisdiction of their citizenship and will not move out of their jurisdiction with any defensive weapon or weapon system without every WORLD LEADER's consent prior to their movement upon REQUEST! REMEMBER, this is a CEASEFIRE and RESOLUTION is the GOAL but I do need to discuss NUCLEAR WEAPON's. I think for all the citizen's safety on EARTH, regulation of explosive power is a necessary way to PROCEED for POWERFUL defense but not for MASS destruction. The point is, we need to PROTECT & SERVE the entire EARTH together as 1 GOVERNMENT in case of INVASION of other UNKNOWN beings in EXISTENCE that engage on our EARTH's citizens if it was to happen. RESERVED REGIONAL SECURITY OFFICERS would be an appropriate way to keep them trained in case of an event if any as well as it would keep the cost efficient for the ECONOMY by not paying ACTIVE-FULL TIME EMPLOYMENT. Training pay would be affordable and they could become PRIVATE SECURITY OFFICERS for local BUSINESS. This will allow them income and OPPORTUNITY of spending their LIFE with their SPOUSES, CHILDREN, FAMILIES and FRIENDS while contributing to the ECONOMY as well as continue in EDUCATION! ALL SANCTIONS NEED TO BE LIFTED IMMEDIATELY! It is abusive and criminal... ___________________________________________________________________________ (B) - [WORLD BANK & CURRENCY]: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I feel it would be appropriate for EQUALITY to be addressed in this way. Like I said prior, I understand that people are PRIDEFUL in their ways but 1 currency for all of EARTH with EQUAL VALUE needs to be. We could use a similar concept of the FLAG described in section (A) - [WORLD PEACE TREATY]: for the graphics. Here is a basic currency structure for the WORLD! NOTES - will be what we call paper currency:(value): *1.00, *5.00, *10.00, *20.00, *50.00, *100.00) CREDITS - will be what we call the coin currency:(value): *.01, *.05, *.10, *.25) Example: My friend bought me a guitar for *620.58 (six hundred twenty notes and fifty eight credits). There will need to be a WORLD BANK in every REGION of the WORLD for GOVERNMENT manufacturing of currency for the cost of EMPLOYEES, CONSTRUCTION or INFRASTRUCTURE DISASTER RELIEF, HUMANITARIAN AID, FOREST FIRE AND FIRE RESCUE, EDUCATION SYSTEM, SCIENCE RESEARCH, ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS AND WHATEVER GOVERNMENT COST THERE ARE to always be in BUDGET. ALL BANKS NEED TO HAVE A SOFTWARE FOR GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTATION OF SPENDING & COST FOR LEGAL PURPOSES AND SHARED BETWEEN REGIONS FOR DOCUMENTING. ALSO, within the idea of this section of the LEGAL CONTRACT (OBLIGATION), GOVERNMENT taxing would NO longer need to be a way of life because the GOVERNMENT budget is UNLIMITED but will be about covering necessary expenses and it is a GOVERNMENT owned bank system so it isn't a LOAN! It is an EMERGENCY to relief in countries that are needing FOOD, WATER, ect... I will discuss it more in the (H) - [ECONOMIC STRATEGY]: section. ___________________________________________________________________________ (C) - [WORLD TRADE]: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ALL natural resources needs to be distributed to meet the needs of ALL EARTH's GOVERNMENT but INNOVATION is our goal to reduce the POLLUTION and cost of living for the citizens of EARTH! GOVERNMENT would easily be able to afford the cost of getting the resources available for a fair way to just make sure everyone has what they need available. We need to ban cutting down healthy trees for lumber ect... because it is a necessity of life to exist (it filters the air and creates our OXYGEN). Upgrade our materials to composites, bricks or metals only. ___________________________________________________________________________ (D) - [INFRASTRUCTURE]: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CONTENT COMING SOON... ___________________________________________________________________________ (E) - [REGIONAL SECURITY]: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I feel that BOEING & PRATT & WHITNEY as well as other aircraft engineers could use their new concepts for new aircraft ideas like MEDICAL FLIGHT CARE that are V-TOL as well as EMERGENCY RESERVED REGIONAL OFFICERS that are needed to SECURE a location and need IMMEDIATE TRANSPORT of PASSENGERS. BOEING uses a new concept of composite aircraft like the 787 which could be used for these aircraft and PRATT & WHITNEY uses the Geared Turbo-Fan engine which I feel would be GREAT if converted into a V-TOL concept for these aircraft. Every hospital would need V-TOL landing areas for flight care to pick up and drop off as well as everyone would need a location in the CENTER of every SECTOR (state) for fastest response to any location within it. Every ZONE (county) would need a small REGIONAL SECURITY HEADQUARTERS (base) that is SECURE and AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY for QUICK response if RESERVES are needed for transport from that location to SECURE other ZONE(s) by the RESERVED REGIONAL OFFICERS in that ZONE for EMERGENCY and IMMEDIATE RESPONSE! ___________________________________________________________________________ (F) - [PUBLIC SCHOOL SECURITY]: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Public schools are a REGIONAL (national) education system and need to be SECURED! I feel that a monitoring room with REGIONAL (federal) SECURITY OFFICERS would be the way to do it with every CLASSROOM, HALLWAY & PERIMETER should have audio/video SURVEILLANCE to ensure their safety from even teachers. This room is for REGIONAL SECURITY OFFICERS only and they will not walk around with weapons unless there is an incoming threat to intervene. There is a need for a REGIONAL SECURITY OFFICER to always be in the monitoring room for relay of status to others in the building. Local RESERVED REGIONAL OFFICERS would assist if ever needed by becoming ACTIVE as well as jurisdictional GOVERNMENT LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS. PRIVATE SCHOOLS COULD HIRE RESERVED REGIONAL SECURITY OFFICERS FOR THEIR SECURITY. Law Enforcement can patrol more frequently during school hours! All PUBLIC SCHOOL teachers will be treated fair with equal pay and they are GOVERNMENT EDUCATION PROVIDERS. BONUS pay could be possible for teachers that COACH ect... ___________________________________________________________________________ (H) - [ECONOMIC STRATEGY]: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I think that it would benefit the economy if there was an APP that allows businesses to locate the SECTORS with the most unemployed people for expansion of companies or new companies to know where to put the jobs. I think that innovating aircraft for private pilots would create jobs and make life more adventurous. I feel subsonic V-TOL composite sport jets with 2 seats would be AWESOME. I feel that similar to the BOEING 787 technology for composite aircraft and the PRATT & WHITNEY geared turbo-fan V-TOL concept would be a pilot's dream. It could have EMERGENCY aircraft parachutes as well for extra safety! I feel that GAMBLING whether in CASINO, lottery or scratch tickets should just be a GIFT if someone wins and children should be allowed to PLAY as well. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CASINO BUSINESS IDEA FOR EVERY COMMUNITY ON THE PLANET- The gaming could be (coin) CREDIT machines, slots machines and card tables. You could set up merchandise retail, restaurants and hotels for travelers! That will give families something to do. Our children can have their fun in the arcade while parents are playing their games, parents could play arcade with them, children could play slots with their parents or if they understand cards, they could even play that with the adults. SMALL STAKES tables could be in every community in the world. If you did, everyone would have something to do on the planet. For all of the SMALL STAKES facilities in the communities of the world, POKER tables could be a *5.00 table fee (company earnings)/*5.00 pot fee (winner earnings) and you would need 4 people at the table to play for someone to double up on their money every game. 20 tokens for *5.00 would be fair. The company would pay the dealers min. wage. I don't know how slot machines work though but try to make it cheaper for more play time if you can because it is about entertainment. THIS CONCEPT WOULD CREATE A LOT OF MANUFACTURING JOBS AS WELL AS LOCAL JOBS... ___________________________________________________________________________ (I) - [TECHNOLOGY CONCEPTS]: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I think it might be POSSIBLE to use a battery to power an induction burner that creates steam energy in a tank to power a turbine that creates electricity for houses and to recharge batteries. If it works, it would reduce the cost of living by eliminating the electrical grid for security and safety as well as eliminating the cost of maintenance. If the idea works, we could reduce pollution by using electric cars and it would be more efficient living for citizens anyways. ___________________________________________________________________________ (J) - [BUSINESS STRATEGY]: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CONTENT COMING SOON... ___________________________________________________________________________ (K) - [WORLD CONSTITUTION]: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CONTENT COMING SOON... ___________________________________________________________________________ (L) - [LEGAL MATTERS]: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CONTENT COMING SOON... ___________________________________________________________________________ (M) - [IN REGARDS TO MY DAUGHTER {JAYLA}: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CONTENT COMING SOON... ___________________________________________________________________________ BASIC ORIGINAL CONTENT THAT NEEDS UNDERSTOOD BUT FOR SIMPLICITY REASONS, I MOVED IT FROM THE TOP TO BOTTOM FOR UPDATE EXPLAINATION TO BE UNDERSTAOOD! U.S. Government, THIS IS YOUR ONLY OPTION! I can make it so the WORLD can be FREE from abuses, eliminate taxes while SECURING GOVERNMENT financial needs in regards to disaster, infrastructure, employees and WHATEVER NECESSARY if you'll AGREE with every country to ABIDE by this document. I will UPDATE further but the WARS need to be RESOLVED immediately! I don't want to hear any excuses. Bring all military troops back to the U.S. with open discussion of "The New Beginning". NOT "NEW START"! I am going to make it so all of the WORLD is efficient and 1 GOVERNMENT with 1 FLAG. The U.S. Flag offends and abuses people in the WORLD! Military isn't the FORCE that is going to FORCE you if you refuse to ABIDE by this LEGAL contract. I have plenty of evidence against the U.S. but if you don't agree to this WONDERFUL way of PROGRESS, you are being judged for the neglect ETERNALLY! Turn away from the WARFARE way of life because this document will makes sure it never happens again. BRING EVERY WORLD LEADER TO THE TABLE and QUICKLY! Lift sanctions, TRUST and allow those abused by the U.S. to HEAL! I am your defense attorney in regards to ETERNITY but I am the prosecuting attorney as well. I am the GOVERNOR over existence but I need to make sure you understand the "Revolutionary" way to PROCEED! Be the HERO for all the CHILDREN of EARTH, turn away from the sinfulness, be responsible adults and parents by preventing dysfunction caused by corruption resulting in Judicial consequence. People are praying for the relief and you are abusing them by NOT doing your DUTY as GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS! Make sure everyone gets this document IMMEDIATELY in the U.S. Government as well as WORLD! I will make sure the LEGAL way is UPDATED to FREE all of you from the sin that prevents you from being an IMMORTAL Heavenly being as well as the ancestors before us. You are all incompetent and I am going to make prayers come true for what is best for HUMANITY but it begins with you turning away from the history and begin a NEW life TODAY! I FORGIVE but PRISON SENTENCE before you get ETERNITY re-unity with LOVED ones in your PERSONAL relationships in Heaven FREE to ROAM are most likely. I have to be JUST and FAIR but remember, you are all EARTHLINGS and EQUALS! YOU"RE RUNNING OUT OF TIME!!! Read this and resolve the conflicts with OPEN discussion so the WORLD isn't confused and continuing at WAR when troops leave but you better be GOOD people and HUMANE! =x/.\x= {Hulcules}