Farmers peaceful protest in India

To whom it may concern, Hope you’re doing well. I am emailing in regards to the farmers protest that’s currently happening in India. This is the largest protest in human history with over 250 million farmers and agricultural workers fighting against 3 agricultural reform bills that aim to privatize the agricultural sector. I want to bring to your attention that in the past few months the Indian government and police have committed horrendous crimes and violated multiple human rights. Shooting protestors with tear gas, spraying them with water cannons, beating them with batons. Numerous photos and videos have come out of police brutality. This past week they’ve cut off food and water supply along with electricity. Internet and cell service has also been cut off to stop communications between protestors and the rest of the world. In addition to this, roads are being blocked with concrete filled barricades and concretized tire busters to stop incoming protestors. Furthermore, many journalists and reporters who were covering this issue have been arrested and taken into custody: Navdeep Kaur, Mandeep Punia, Dhamendra Singh, to name a few. The Indian government is taking numerous initiatives to sabotage the peaceful protest. Action is required immediately! Please do your part as the high commissioner of human rights of the United Nations and stand up for farmers in India.