Electronic Warfare where are my amendments

Never in a million years did I think I would live to see this injustice that is being done by the people in our country that where supposed to be trusted at least somewhat trusted. These Narcissistic people are Lucifer's to say the least. They have damagd pestilence every piece of property that I have ever owned or recently purchased. Blocked my contacts on my phone and been into all of my friends homes only to set up cameras. This injustice of the people innocent people I might add is malicious and against all civil rights in all nations. This is a call for stop what you are doing and stop this at once. Innocent men and women are dying tragically painfully and I won't take nobody doing anything about this to stop it. If it's not stopped the government will take over and there will be another Holocaust, it's starting already. I have read comments pleaing for help since 2015 and I am appalled that there isn't a law to STOP this unconstitutional crime against humanities. Please help us all! Now!