BAN H1 B & H4 VISAS. BAN all companies who hire H1B & H4 VISA peoples. Put penalties like $100000 if any company hires H1B & H4 VISA and there are companies which bring people on immigration with Fake Certificates. How come a recent college graduate can have 10 years of IT experience. Why US companies not able to identify a fraud h1b candidate??? Why local citizens are so blind to their fellow colleague malpractices?? Can't they identify a 24 years guy with 6-10 years of fake experience?? Is it politicians or citizen whose fault is it?? I am from India I here to ask these questions. Most h1b or opt students from my state are fraud who just barely acquired technical skills and they are not able to find a 500$/month salary. why are they offered so high salary who are unfit to be a professional work according to a survey? Why many h1b visas were issued to issue to Indians why not put a country cap????.is corruption accepted/normal in America just like in we are dumb to fight against the system. will American citizens wakeup or remain silent on this crime as it started lack back in 1960's and still continues?? H4 EAD does not fit into Trump's "BUY AMERICAN and HIRE AMERICAN" campaign promise especially because H4 is not vetted for skills or background before they are admitted to US which is a BIG BIG discrimination given that H1B, L1 visa holders have to undergo a vetting process before they can become eligible for employment in US not to mention American workers. So, I am 100% sure H4 EAD is on its way out. Anyone on this forum or elsewhere in the world who has a disagreement with my prediction may want to see a shrink. All of the local colleges and universities have classes on all of the latest technologies. I can't figure out why these companies have to bring someone here from overseas who 1) barely speaks English, 2) has to be trained in software engineering and logic, 3) doesn't even know the proper terminology for the technology that they are working on , 4) works sloppily, fast, and inaccurately to meet a deadline (so they look good), 5) has really no interest in our society and only talks about and has an everlasting allegiance to India, 6) once they get GC and into management, they only hire people of their own nationality (Indian). ONLY ADMIT FOREIGNERS IF THEY ARE PHDS, SO THAT THE AMERICAN CITIZEN CAN GO TO WORK IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY. Mr. Trump MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN