Zero Tolerance for Violent crime against Children

This is a call to action, to compel our lawmakers of every branch of government to address violence against children and make ending it an A#1 TOP priority in their legislation agenda.

Zero Tolerance Policy

We are in a crisis in our state (Florida). Our youth is under attack. The sickos are not scared. I would like our law enforcement agencies as well as our law makers on all levels to examine why that is, and to respond accordingly. I propose that there be a zero tolerance policy in place for all offenders who commit crimes against children, it is a known fact within our medical frame that pedophilia/violent tendencies against children is an INCURABLE disease. There is no rehabilitating them. I suggest a life sentence for any one found guilty of harming a child in any way. And this would be served in GENERAL population, NOT in segregated areas for their 'protection' they feel safe enough as it is obviously bc they are not deterred. Our children do not have the security of feeling safe, why should a POS maggot child molester? I know this is a broad spectrum. But we must become pro active and realize that Florida is NOT paradise, and we must get defensive on every single level. Life without any possibility of parole for any forms of violent crime against children, and death penalty where it applies ( like the recent heinous murder of 7 year old, child Somer Thompson) and other similar cases. I agree with a local law enforcement officer here (name undisclosed) and his thoughts on unblurring the lines between classifications of offenders. Assessing the threat level of registered offenders and classifying them as such (for instance a 19 year old who dates a 17 y/o as opposed to someone who raped a 2 y/o) will give us a clearer picture of where our highest risk offenders are when these situations occur. As it stands now there is no difference in how they are categorized. We must sort them out so that we know and have a clearer picture of each 'known' offender in our community, and classify them accordingly, as this will make our law enforcement structure work with faster efficiency in situations like this. I have some super creative thoughts on what would happen to these degenerates if I were at the helm for a day, but this is not the case and we must restructure how we deal with predators. We must as a state declare war on this malignant problem, and make it an A # 1 top priority in our legislation agendas. Immediately.