Yemen! Please sign now!

SIGN NOW! Save Yemenis

I am writing to you today asking you to stand by the people of Yemen in their peaceful pursuit for freedom and democracy.

For the past several weeks, the people of Yemen have made their wishes for freedom and democracy loud and clear to the entire world. I call on you today to support the people?s wishes to remove Ali Saleh from office immediately, freeze his assets, and freeze all military aid to his regime until a new national government is formed. Yemen has suffered and continues to suffer dearly under Saleh 32-years rule and now is the right time for change.

The people of Yemen have been peacefully protesting for over two months and from the onset their calls were met with brutal violence. Recently, we have witnessed escalated violence against the protesters ordered directly by Saleh?s son and nephews. More than 150 protesters have been murdered; most of them shot by professionally trained snipers, and more than 5000 have been injured. Moreover, Saleh's own security forces are increasingly using live ammunition and nerve gas on the peaceful protesters.

Backing this undemocratic and oppressive regime will put the US on the wrong side of history. Regime change and supporting Yemen?s transition towards democracy will strengthen US counter-terrorism efforts in Yemen and in the region. Saleh use of the generous financial and military aid provided by the United States is strengthening his oppressive regime that has deprived Yemeni citizens of basic human rights and the ability to secure a dignified life.

YOUR immediate action is needed in order to stop the bloodshed and prevent Yemen from plunging into a deadly civil war. I urge you to immediately take steps in opposing the violence and supporting the people of Yemen in their demands for an end to Salah?s 32-years dictatorship.

With your support, the people of Yemen will finally regain their dignity and lead a democratic future. This is the only way to ensure the stability of the country, promote democracy and prevent the spread of terrorism.

Thank you in advance for your support and stance at this critical time for the people of Yemen.