Raise for Social Security

You need to raise Social Security for all the people who are on it. Why should we be punished and not receive a raise? Some people that's the only check that they will receive to pay their bills. People's bills go up sure as rent,mortages,lights,water & sewer,insurance if you can afford it for your health or even your automobile.We have paid into this fund for years and now were not intitled to a raise? I thought that there was an automatic rasie every year since 1975 when the bill was past,why have you decided to go back on your promise that we will automaticaly receive our raises.

I hope that you will consider raising our Social Security each and every year as the bill that already exist,you don't stop medicare from going up when you don't give us our raise as promised by our goverment. If you do this then you have lied to us,which has been done before for the good of the country. If our goverment stop taking money from Social Security to pay off other bills then it would be solid for all who have paid into the fund and the people like my daughter who is paying for us baby boomers,their children will be paying in for them. If you just stop and think what it will do to this country to stop raises that are suppose to happen and don't receive them this is an injustice to all who have paid into the fund.

I will pray that you will see how this will effect the people who are looking for their raise and I'm one of them. Please show me that this is still a country that we can be proud of.