Demand a Congressional investigation to protect the Indians from the BIA and SOI.

Please stop the broken Carcieri fixes! Vote "NO" on HR 3742, HR 3679 and S 1703. These bills will continue to harm indian country by making the BIA unaccountable for 200 years of corruption. Defrauding both the Native Americans and the People of the United State.

*Please campaign to Vote NO on HR3697,3742 and S1703.

*Demand a Congressional investigation into the Department of Interior and the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Hold Obama to his promise of transparency.

*Demand to stop subsidizing entertainment companies.

*Demand that Congress retains and applies its Constitutional powers to the oversight of the DOI and the BIA.

*A re-write of the bills is needed to preserve Native American Heritage, to provide equally for them as was intended and to protect the US Tax Payer.

Federal Court cannot help us. The BIA does not respond to Federal District Orders to explain their decisions.

According to the Constitution and the 1934 IRA we are asking for our Constitutional right, for the protection of Congress, to order an investigation of the Secretary of the Interior and the Bureau of Indian Affairs for failing their fiduciary duty to equally administer the appropriations Congress has set aside for the Native Americans. Instead they have been acknowledging "created/imposter" tribes and favored special interest groups at the expense of the Historic Tribes and the dis-enfranchised Native Americans.

President Obama is having a "Tribal Nations Conference" on November 5th. The leaders attending are only serving their own interests. Many are from imposter tribes. Our voices are excluded from the discussion about our future.

We are asking Congress to honor the treaties we established with this new nation. Honor our Constitutional Rights. Please vote "NO" on HR 3742, HR 3697 and S 1703 and order a Congressional Investigation of the SOI and the BIA.

Thank You

The Historic and Dis-enfranchised Native Americans.

The People of the United States., FireStarter