Wrongfully taken

Cps has taken my child and i have done everything they have asked.i have even gone above and beyond what they have askes of me and they wont even give me answers.they have no reason to keep my child and the temporary foster parents agree and so does the court appointed cps caseworker and she is trying to help me get my son back and her boss said they will fire her.her boss laughs in court and the judge atood up out of her chair and started to hell at him saying that the cps workers boss was making her ptsd act up.i am clean and sober i work 50 plus works a week i have a clean and safe home and i am doing meeting for parenting even though cps didnt request any of this and im mentally stable according to my doctor and everyone else but cps is saying im im asking for anyone who is available to help me plz do.sonoma County is one of the worst countys and they have done it to all of my family now there doing it to me and my reaching out for assistance with aonoma county and their corruption schemes.
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