Would like to start Petition to Congress Against Child Protection services In Grant County Kentucky

My wife Jessica Sakine & Don Kaylor Had a Baby on May/9th/19 a little Girl and St Elizabeth said my wife tested positive and my Babys umbilicord Tested Positive for Methamphetamine Social worker called child Protection services. before getting Lab Results Back they came knocking at door telling my wife you cant leave with Baby until they say so I told ladie get a warrant and get out she said she will be back when the Lab Results came in They came back Baby Kaylee May Kaylor Umbilicord Tested Negative for all drugs and they did 100 test on the cord my wifes test came back Negative for Methamphetamine and postpartum for Subutex she is subscribe for that medication and the Dr Martin said they will cause the Fasle Positive for Amphetamine. My wife ls Taking Nose Spray and that's what Dr Martin said cause her False positive
So we had to sign a plan to leave hospital Keep in Mind we have four Kids total oldest 12 year old boy 10 year old Giral 8 year old boy and newborn if we were bad parents Child Protection services would have been called a long time ago..after everything was Negative and after Dr martin told everyone tests we Negative I Recorded the CPS Ladie Reane Clark after Doctor left room she Said Confirmation Babys Umbilicord is Positive for Methamphetamine and Jessica's Sakine my wife test is Positive for Methamphetamine so she lied to the courts to get us there they did hair sample on my wife right away after we left and got Negative Results 10 Days later did Urine screen on her Negative me Don Kaylor never convicted of a crime has CCDW LICENSES I
know Criminal Recocrd in 30 years and i had a False positive on hair after that I have done 8 test all Negative and they took are kids. becausei we have had enough my wife is not right because of all of this so I'm trying to hold everything together and it is hard I have not been able to work in six months all my Lawyer Dose is get us Countied till next court Date I had to get rid of everything I own trying to make it work and not having my kids here is Very Hard and in Grant County Kentucky they dont even have Family court here I'm asking for help I cant do to much more we go to Court on October/15th/19 at 9:00am if you could help I would appreciate it Thank you so much
Jessica Sakine
Don Kaylor
141 Gouge Dr
Dry Ridge Kentucky 41035

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