Workforce Diversity Inclusion Protective Order EEOC- By Tanisha M Rogers,MA

The is a law to provide protections on behalf of candidates and employers in the hiring process to assure all candidates are given the upmost integral experience to assure Diversity and Inclusion is being implemented, to act as a recording in live time of the interview process and as a preventative to the EEOC/ a live recorder to assure the candidates are adhering to 1104, 3301, and 3302 .

In live interviews I'm requesting live recording/ polygraph to assure workforce is hiring the right candidate, and all parties are held accountable to meet legal standards during the hiring process. Also to analyze HR / Interviewer cannot make false or / subpar selections. This law will assure no matter the diverse background , sex , religion, culture , disability , creed but age the candidate is guaranteed and offer.

Also to take into consideration any information needed for non- disclosure to be protected. This will also act as a steering vehicle for employee relations communication/ investigations. Easy electronic / digital catalog if needed for legal investigation with the EEOC. Also to protect the rights of people in connection due to underemployment , non-employment, employment identity theft, etc to pull the record to assure the companies are practicing fair hire workforce policies. Also that these candidates are not being taken advantage of and not being offered underemployment opportunities.

This would provide a visible analyzation with polygraph, or truth serum applied to all video and face - to- face interviews on standard platforms, Zoom, Hire VUE and Microsoft teams/ all platforms for live meet. We ask and request that this law serves as verity and justice