My Family, Is Being Attacked And Destroyed. My Children Are Systematically Being Torn Away From Their Willing And Capable Mother Who Want To Be Involved In Parenting Her Children. My Families Are Systematically Being Torn Apart Instead Of Being Helped In The States ‘Custody And Family Courts . Through My Time Taking Over My Case I’ve Been Told To Get A Lawyer. I See Why That Would Be Suggested, What Im About To Discussed Are Quite Complex. It's Nature Of The Multiple Welfare Programs Created Within Title Iv Of The Social Security Act (Ssa); Can Be A Bit Overwhelming To Anyone Who Doesn’t Understand Its Language. Being Told Get A Lawyer Did Not Convince Me At All That Am Not Capable. In All Honesty I Am The Only Woman Capable Of Getting My Family Back For I Am The Only One In This World Who's Love Lives For Her Babies, I Am The Only One Who Cares Deeply For Them And I Will Do Everything And Anything To Bring My Babies’ Home! With That Being Said I’ll Simplify An Overview Of How Federal Welfare Funding Motivates The State Family Court Judges To Remove A Willful Parent And Create High Child Support Orders, And How Cps, Hhs, Csea, And Family Court Judges Worked Together Intending To Prevent Reunifications. (Note: Reunifications Is Not Covered Under Title Iv Funding, Federal Government Says And I Quote “If Possible, Adoptions Are Preferred “)My Research Was Done With Great Care For My Children Are Attached To It. Tremendous Amount Of Time Researching External Economic Factors That I Believed Drove Judicial Discretion And Influence Professional Judgment In Domestic Relations Matters. I’ve Concluded That A Relationship Exists Between The Federal Funding Of State Welfare Programs And The Determinations Made By State Family Court Judges Presiding Over Child-Custody And Domestic Relations Matters. I Believe That It Is This Relationship That De-Emphasizes The Importance Of Sharing Parental Responsibility, And Instead Emphasizes A Manufactured Public Policy Concerned Only On The Financial Obligations Of One Parent - Rather Than On The Real Interests Of The Children Involve. (My Case Is An Example) I've Also Concluded That, While This Relationship Has Successfully Been Masked Behind What Is Commonly Termed "The Best Interests Of The Child," The Federal Funding Created Within The Social Security Act Provides Clear Monetary Incentives To States That Have A High-Occurrence Of One-Parent Households, Where A Child Has The Majority Of Access To Only One Of Their Parents. I Believe That This Best Interests Of The Child" Standard Is Loosely Subjective, Gives Unlimited Discretion To State Family Court Judges, And Ultimately Leaves A Tremendous Amount Of Room For Abuse. (My Case As Example) In My Simplest Terms: State Family Courts Are Forcibly Depriving Children's Access To A Parent Because It Is A Source Of Revenue For The States - And Because They Can (Exactly What Happened To Us) Federal Welfare System Was Originally Created By The Social Security Act With The Intent Of Providing Assistance To Families In Which The Parent Who Financially Supported The Family Was Absent Due To Death, Or Where A Disability Prevented That Parent From Providing For The Family. Unfortunately, The Welfare System Has Shifted Away From Providing Assistance To Needy Families Into A System Of Entitlement And Abuse By Both The State And The Welfare Recipient. Welfare Programs Are A Combined Effort Between Federal And State Government. Federal Welfare Programs Impose Voluntary Guidelines On The States And Provide Block Grant Funding For Compliance.; State Participation Is Strictly Voluntary - But By Not Participating, The State Is Turning Down Extremely Large Sums Of Federal Money The Federal Title Iv-D Program Makes Large Sums Of Grant Money Available 2 To The States Through The Department Of Health And Human Services' (Dhs) Whether Or Not Either Parent Has Actually Willfully Abandoned The Child Or Requires Public Assistance. After The Parents Are Included Into The Operating Title Iv-D Welfare Program, One Parent Is Then Groomed Into A Role Of Non-Custodial Or Forcibly Absent Parent. A Court Order Is Then Issued Against The Now Absent Parent To Pay Child Support Through A State Disbursement Unit To The Other Parent Who May Or May Not Be Equipped Financially To Run Their Own Household In The First Place - Despite The Other Parent's Ability To Maintain An Intact Loving And Caring Household To Be More Specific: I Believe That Title Iv Welfare Programs Actually Encourage The Diminishment Of Parents' Roles In The Lives Of Their Children, And That These Programs Actually Provide Financial Incentives For The Breakup Of The Family - Which Is Incidentally The Exact Opposite Of The Purpose Of Title Iv In Reducing Family Dependence On Government. The Opposing Party And This Trial Court Are Similar To Those Who Were Accused Of Abusing The Title Iv-A Welfare Program, Which Prompted Reform, The States Are Now Modifying Their Own Environment In Order To Receive More Federal Money. Creating More Non-Custodian Equals More Child Support Equals More Federal Funding Title Iv Created Incentives For The States That Were Intended To Reduce The Occurrence Of Single Parent Households; However, These Incentives Have Caused An Exact Opposite Result. Instead Of Looking To Congressional Intent, One Only Needs To Look At The Results. State Family Court Judges, Agencies, And Both Public And Private Professionals Now Have A Pecuniary Interest In Establishing Single-Parent Households In Which The Majority Of A Child’s Time Is Limited By Court Order To Be Spent With Only One Parent. Here Is Now A Disincentive For A Child To Be Equally Placed With Both Parents Where Those Parents Share Equal Responsibilities While Maintaining Their Own Homes And Lifestyles. If The State Family Courts Do Not Produce An Absent Or “Non-Custodial Case, Then Funding Is Not Reimbursed. The Massive Federal Funding Available To The States Have Led Judicial Discretion, Government Agencies, And Professionals To Establish That It Is Now In The “Best Interests Of The Child” To Limit The Child's Involvement With One Of Their Own Otherwise Willing, Capable, And Available Parents. In Essence, The More Cases Involving Title Iv-D Welfare Services That A Court Can Create, The More Operational Expenses It Will Endure, And The More Federal Funding It Will Be Able To Pursue And Receive As A Reward, For Undermining A Child's Involvement Assistance Agreement On Behalf Of Eligible Children. As Of October 2008, If States Amend Its Title Iv Plan Enable It To Claim Federal Support For Kinder Ship Assistance It Is Required To Enter Into Kinder Ship Assistance Agreement On Behalf Of Illegible Children. Title Iv Plan Provides Direct Financial Payments To Eligible Children And The Administration. “Administrative Cost” Is What Cps Title Iv Does Not Cover Certain Programs. The Kind Of Administrative Activities That May Be Supported By Title Iv May Include Required Actions By Case Worker On Behalf Of Individual. Actions Such As Developing A Case Plan For A Child In Foster Care, Visiting A Child In Foster Care. Preparing For Participation In Administrative And Court Proceedings Regarding Child From The Home, Status In Foster And Permanency Plan And Finding A Safe And Appropriate Foster Adoptive Home For The Child. Other Title Iv Administrative Activities Include Child Welfare Agencies Actions On Behalf Of Individual Children Are In Support Of Title Iv. The Judge Must Find The State Made Reasonable Efforts To Prevent Removal Of The Child And To Preserve A Family (Or Determine That Those Efforts Were Not Required); (This Finding Must Be Made No Later Than 60 Days After A Child’s Removal From Home Judge Must Find That The State Is Making Reasonable Efforts To Finalize A Permanent Home For The Child; (This Finding Must Be Made Within 12 Months Of A Child’s Entry To Foster Care And Every 12 Months Thereafter While The Child Remains In Care). Title Iv-E Foster Care Eligibility Criteria Effectively Means That The Child Must Have Entered Foster Care Through Voluntary Placement Agreement (Between The Title Iv-E Agency And The Child’s Parent(S)/Guardian) Or After A Judge Determined That Continuing To Live In His Or Her Own Home Would Be “Contrary To The Welfare” Of The Child. Further, The Income Available In The Family Home From Which The Child Was Removed Must Be At Or Below The Eligibility Standard For The Prior Law Cash Welfare Program, Known As Afdc Which Means Cps Gets Reimbursed When Their Child Custody Case Does Not End Up In Reunification. Title Iv Federal Funding Programs Include Adoptions, Guardianship, And Kinder Ship. In Order To Qualify There's Certain Requirements
1. The Child Needs To Come From Low-Income Home
2. A Single-Parent Home. Which Is Reason Why They Insistent On Me Divorcing My Husband
3. The Child Needs To Be In Relative Placement
4. Needs 1 Gal, 1 Parent Lawyer
5. Every Proceeding Needs To Be Carried Out… And
6. Then They Terminate Your Rights.
7. Straight Up Premeditated Discrimination!

We All Have Similar Stories Because They Rotate Their Patterns Of Criminal Activity.. Which Would Make Them Repeat Offenders/ Career Criminals, And In Reality Someone Can Take Them To Civil Court And Sue Them For Their Children's. ..That's What They Do To All Us. Yes They Know The Law Yes They're Book-Smart Their Attributes Is Not A Boy And It's In Fruit With Them What We Have Is Street Smart Only Way To Have This Skill Is By Experience... My Skills Recognized Criminal Activity In A Heart Beat. Eye For An Eye... Now For The First Time I'm Going To Reveal Exactly Why They So What They Do, How They Do It And What We Need To Do To Stop Them.

In 1933 United States Filed For Bankruptcy. Aa Collateral Every One Of Us Was Used By The United States .The Federal Government Confiscated All Our Gold And Silver To Pay This Debt...But They Left Each And Every Citizen 1 Oz Of Gold The Government Promised That They Would Use That Gold To Pay Off Everyone's Debts... This Is Called Charge Offs. USA Created Each Person An Executive Account It's Why We Have Us Treasury. Usa Converted The Gold Into A Savings Bond. Sitting 30 Years To Accumulate Interest. Anyone Born ..Their Birth Certificate Is How Their Bond Got Issued....No One Really Know This... But The Government Does. It's Why They Take Our Children That's Why The Elaborate So Immensely Inheritance In Rp4 Because Our Bonds Is Unknown And Our Children Will Inherit Our Bonds When We Die. I Would Suggest To Every Person In United States To Make A Will Because If You Don't Your Money Will Automatically Go To The Government.
See 31 Usc 3105(B) And 31 Cfr Parts 315 & 353 Subpart H.

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So Not Only We Have Inhumane Ma'fuh'cuhas ....Running Our Government.. We Have Addicts!!! Thats Putting Us More In Debt And Losing Whats Ours.. I Believe This Is Where And When Our Constitution Needs Us To Defend Our Nation. We The People Can Petition Our House Of Representatives For An Complete Overhaul...If They Dont We Ask The Federal Government To Impeach The House. No Matter What... We Are Above The Law. We Hold The Votes Guys. I Believe The Entire Cps System Needs Out Of Government..
Less Than A Year Ago I Didn’t Know The Difference Between A Petitionand A Motion… I’ll Never Forget Them Making Fun Of Me.. I Thought… One Day..Lol One Day…. Watch… Ill Speak Your Language …. Today Is That Day. The Holder Of My Timeline Has All Credit To My Abilities Only Through Him Things Are Possible…
ONE Nation Under GOD Indivisible With LIBERTY & JUSTICE For All

One More Thing… For Every Child Made A Ward Of The Court ..The Judge Get That Child Bond!! Let’s stop them…. I cannot allow my babies to grow up in a corrupt government…Fcuk that!

xoxoWaila Sarcedo
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