Wise Investment in Children Act of 2020

For over 40 years, the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) has improved the nutrition and health of low-income mothers and babies, serving 7.2 million people in 2017. Research has conveyed that WIC improves birth outcomes, reduces infant mortality, supports better infant and young children feeding practices, and enhances cognitive development and academic achievement. Ensuring that young children have proper nutrition during gestation and their early years of life is crucial. Good nutrition has a significant environmental influence on babies, making WIC a vital program for low-income individuals.

The Wise Investment in Children (WIC) Act will make the WIC program accessible to even more people by extending eligibility through the age of 6, extending the certification period for two years, and extending postpartum eligibility to two years for all mothers. Raising the age limit to 6 will ensure that no children face a gap in nutrition programs between WIC and the National School Lunch Program, which begins in kindergarten. Extending the certification period will make it easier for both WIC agencies and mothers. Extending postpartum eligibility will ensure that the WIC program will significantly impact nursing mothers and infants.