Windfall Elimination Provision

Im writing this Petition for your support to repeal the Windfall Elimination Provision which
which was enacted in 1983. (37 years ) Currently 1.8 millions Social Security beneficiaries are affected by this W.E.P. bill. This bill is unfair and unjust its has millions of american and veterans have their hard earned benefits cut.
I for one is affected by this bill, having a difficult time making ends meet. The Global and U.S. economy has change over the past 37 years and now now with the corona virus, its more difficult to look for work or to have a better life and retirement. I myself is a Vietnam Veteran, worked in the private sector for more than 25 years, have more than 40 quarters. I worked hard to receive a good Social Security benefits. To find out at the age of 62 that my benefits were cut. My first check was $422.00 , On Oct. 2013 my benefits my benefits was reduce to $205.00, more than 60% cut. Is this the way the government treats their Veterans ??? and hard working Americans ??? Now at the age of 68 receive $247.00 worked part-time and full time jobs to make ends meet. In 7 years a diffident of $42 .00 more.
Rep. Kevin Brady ( R-Texas ) has put forward a new vision of the bill. Please support this bill.
Joe Biden"s 2020 presidential Campaign platform also address the issue, As stated these workers deserve the benefits that earned. He is 100% right. Too much talk no action in congress for years on this this issue. It"s time to make citizens whole, tax cuts for the rich don't do anything for hard working Americans who worked two or three jobs for a better life and retirement. Congress must act now to provide Social Security Solvency and fairness. Congress must act NOW to repeal the W.E.P and protect hard earned and paid for Social Security benefits in which Million of Americans are entitled to .
I Steven J. Huarneck the undersigned want You and the Congress to provide Social Security Solvency and fairness and the rights of the Hard working Americans by repealing the W.E.P.

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