they had our children since May 1st of last year claiming that they would fracture rib have several pictures proven otherwise then after they had her children in custody the head or twins in the hospital claiming that they would cuz we took him to the doctors for the for my insurance and that did not happen and when they got to the hospital days later days later on Sunday doctor said all the tests they ran through by sticking the catheter in the private area and drawing blood from now in force on them that they have bruises and stuff but they didn't want to show that or did they wanted to be record who is the doctor said that all the test results came back negative we was able to take our children back then call back saying oh your twin Janelle had a fractured rib what the heck man

I'm the mother of my children's abuse in the care of DYFS are you past the parenting class I took other program classes passed at 2 now they just want to put me in another parenting class in another program my daughter's school West Central open cuz they said the soft spot was closing up then my other daughter they said that she fell in the driveway of these foster parents that supposed to be watching now she got a permanent scar on her forehead and on her upper lips now she's facing possibility of seizures and permanent brain damage from this it might lead to that I tried my county I tried my state it's scary when you can't get no sistance like you supposed to people refusing to help you cuz a higher power and money falsely accuse of acquisitions they still didn't give us paperwork on MRI or cats san all my children I'm scared for them I never stopped loving them I never stopped helping them I do the best I can I have housing going on for 5 years with section 8 and then they put in the report since I do not have permanent housing for my children's I do what they asked a complete programs like that asked I got a two bedroom apartment they said I don't got furniture put drop off to help me with that y'all the reason why things with the way it did because I had to move from where I was before to get to the new place down there I couldn't hold anything we'll put it in storage because I didn't have that at the time so I lost all kind of furniture based on the children as well but DCP is supposed to provide it didn't want to turn the words around and SAYING I'M down sleeping on the floor and stuff I'm like this is so reckless TREATING PEOPLE'S LIKE THIS