I didn't choose to believe it was possible until it happened to me personally.
Though I have made mistakes in life, I always believed that once you've served your penance for the wrong, that it was behind you and you could move forward with your life.
I was always of the belief as well that justice had something to do with the truth, and in both matters I am sad to say I was terribly mistaken.
You see, when I was 20 I was a drug addict, terribly addicted to crack cocaine and after extensive treatment and a lot of hard work I got free from the hold it had on me. In the course of all of this I gave birth to my first child and I was high, this led to the rehabilitation and my aunt took custody of my child and when I got on my feet she didn't want to let him go. When I was coming to visits high there was no problem, but when I get my own house I'm clean for 3 years and going to college now she sees the need to move out of county and reduce my visitation. We went to court because I wished for unsupervised visits and she informed the court thar my child was showing out after visits and she felt it'd be best if we didn't see each other at all and the courts consented!!!
Twenty years pass and I unfortunately relapsed at the grief of 5 members of my family passing away, (not any excuse just what took me back out) regardless when I discovered I was pregnant I quit doing the drugs cold turkey and had a partial miscarriage. Realizing I was still in fact pregnant I did some research and found that the best feasible way for a pregnant woman to get clean was to gradually reduce the amount until it was no longer hazardous to the fetus for you to quit altogether. This is what I did, all the while seeking agents from Department of Children and Families or a Healthy Start nurse or someone to that degree but got no one. Two days after the birth of my daughter who by the way and the grace of God was in fact born drug free, I get a visit from a DCFS investigator because some nurse in the hospital that I met at a party some time back overheard me praying and thanking God for his helping me get clean to raise my child, felt the need to place the call.
I told this woman how I'd been through a bit of a hard life but I'd come to terms with the greates.portion of it and I'd gotten to make the necessary amends and I was good with being a mother because I had done so. Being adopted and raised by my great grandmother I was physically and mentally abused and it took some time to come to terms with who I am and who I choose to be and that person is changing for the better on a daily basis. Anyway, this woman had the baby tested as well as her meconium and both are clear, but when she left the hospital I received a text she'd intended for her supervisor that said something about coming up with a way to take my child because she felt "weird " about the situation.
This woman KNEW I had made peace with both mothers and even took human services as a major on college . She knew that I attended every doctor appointment because my insurance gave me rewards for making and keeping my appointments. The ONE I missed was because I was admitted into the hospital.
In court no one said a word in rebuttle to any of the States accusations with exception to me of course. The judge acted as though I hadn't uttered a word. Long story short my case moved to the local office called Devereaux and my first social worker planned to give my child back after she and I sat down and had a.long discussion. Then on my next office visit she tells me that the supervisor refuses to return my child ever and there was nothing she could do to change that.
She quit her job that day and I hated to see her go because she made one great social worker. As predicted the new social worker refused me the referrals I needed to do the items on my case plan. They cut my visits in half and then began canceling them because "there wasn't enough transportation " not to mention that my daughter wasn't allowed to meet grandma or her two older sisters according to the case worker because visits are for parents. Yet I saw Families in visitation.
My daughter has been adopted and I have been cheated out of a future with that little girl and I don't want to go through life without her!!!! No one wants to hear a word I have to say, I have been talked down to, I have had upper echelons in DCFS attempt to berate me and to shame me but worst of all, I tried to get these people to be aware that there was nothing being done on my behalf BEFORE all this transpired and no one listened. I tried to tell my lawyer that my Guardian Ad Litem was a former classmate, we did homework together for crying out loud! Yet it was my attorney that recused herself from my case not the Guardian Ad Litem.
I was railroaded and this is not what normally happens when you are compliant before you even give birth!!!
Matter if fact the one thing I have yet to reconcile is the way in which the PCSO detectives treated me after I was beaten, raped , and left for dead at the age of 17. I did not properly identify a vehicle so they strongly encouraged me to sign a release of prosecution for my assailants. That is the one traumatic experience I have yet to process. I want this to be known though, I have no design to quit shouting from the rooftops what these people have done to me so somebody may wish to listen some time soon.
What I wish for is help in boosting my voice to politicians because it's governor DeSantis that signs these peoples paychecks . He needs to know what his people are doing and what it's costing biological mothers that are falling victim to these people and people like them.
Thank you.