When is Enough, Enough

The right age to buy guns, should be a man's age of 27 or older. Real men don't kill humans, children or adults. Real men have self control. These young cowards are playing games as to who can kill the most humans, children and adults. These young cowards need to be stop. Make a sample out of them. Rise up as Parents, and vote out every person, that doesn't want to help us, the people by changing the Guns Laws. Rise up People and use your Vote as your Voice, to Vote them out and replace them with ones that are willing to listen to us, the Voters. Let's hold them accountable for the Laws they make when it comes to Gun Control. Let's Vote them out and put new people in their place. Stop Killing our People, Our Future. Enough is Enough it is Time for New Gun Laws. That will protect all of us. Remember We are the USA Voters and we are here to stay. Fix the Gun Control Laws and safe our USA.