West Virginia Child Protective Services Corruption,Lies. WE NEED THIS ON FEDERAL LEVEL!!

ALL OF THE WEST VIRGINIA FAMILYS NEED HELP ON FEDERAL LEVEL !!!!! Well I live in Charleston WV and by the beginning of 2019 a total of 8,230 kids were removed from parents ((Drug Epidemic)) the sad thing is they targeted single parents ? But the city of chas built new Civic center new riot gear for police etc. . We need to get all these parents together at capital to raise Hell!!! Just can't do it alone ,They removed my children for alleged drug use also I passed every urine screen they had and before that before CPS showed up I had to open molestation and sexual assault on 6 yr old girl and 8yr old boy I turned all this into kanawha county schools and I told about a different CPS workers and nothing was ever done , my babies were getting sexually assaulted and raped by 16 year old boy and I couldn't even press charges because they expect your children to speak to someone they don't know about what happened within two visits and my daughter was proven that she was molested but the POS detective we had on the case close it within 2 weeks without me knowing and told me if I keep digging I will take a dirt nap and as for us for my son he told school counselor what happened to him a school teacher me grandmother grandfather was locked up in Highland tell them and the boy that didn't never got question or arrested which aside so two years down the road CPS takes my babies for alleged drug use and medical neglect on my oldest son I was in my mother's custody so pretty much they did nothing but lie set up neglected my children and said I never did my parenting classes excetera excetera so I need legal advice I'll also my oldest 16 year old boy has been missing from CPS custody first 6 months now and they've been her one-time looking for him he ran from them because he had been locked up for two years in a state facility it's sad that a single mom in a suboxone program loses her kids 2 the fact that the state of West Virginia wanted funding for this big epidemic of alleged drug use when all these single parents I was a single mom 15 yrs. THERE ARE SO SO MANY PARENT'S IN WV WHO NEED HELP.... TELL YOUR STORYS SPEAK UP
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