Welfare Drug Testing

Receiving welfare should not be a career choice.

There are too many people on public assistance that truly do not need it but choose to receive it as an outlet to purchase illegal drugs, not only for personal use to sell to others as well. Many people make receiving public assistance a career choice due to the fact there are no current drug testing requirements in place. While most people are required to take do drug testing to get a job, so should those receiving or wish to receive welfare. It is recommended that people receiving welfare be tested for drug use on a monthly and random basis.

For those who show positive on a drug test, they should have the choice to either pay back their benefits received or opt for a one time, in-patient treatment program. If the person opts to receive treatment, it should be at an accredited facility for a minimum of six months. Once released, they will be required to perform drug testing upon request for services and then on a random basis if accepted. If the person opts to be involved in illegal drugs after the treatment, then they shall be required to pay back all benefits.

For those who show clean on any test, they should be given the following choices:

1. Go to an accredited college in a needed field of study, at the expense of the tax payers. The money spent to teach these people over the course of two to four years is less than what they would receive on public assistance. They would be required to pay back fifty percent (50%) of their schooling, starting one (1) year after their graduation.

2. If they do not opt for option 1, then they will be required to find work within six (6) months to continue to receive any future benefits. Once they find work, any assistance is based on their total income, minus any basic living expenses. Basic living expenses are considered rent payments, electric usage payments, other non-electrical usage for heating and/or cooking and a landline telephone.

This requirement could create more responsible working adults as well as create more jobs for people needing work. This could possibly use less of the funding needed for those who truly need the assistance as well as cut federal spending in the future.

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