Webster county cps and prosecuting attorney

I have been put in a cps case in Webster county wv because my ex girlfriend had cps called on her I was a non offending parent in the case until a trig test at court and they said I failed for alcohol and there was a faint line for thc they waited about 4 hours after leaving the court house and called me and told me the assistant prosecuting attorney ordered a 7 day protection plan I messaged the prosecuting attorney Dwayne vandivnder that is not in the case because of family conflict he is related to one of the people in the case and he told me he was the one that put the 7 day protection order in place and they made me leave my home and said they didn’t care that I don’t have a place to go and I went to Webster county monorail hospital and took another drug test and passed everything is negative and sent a picture to cps and they will not let me back home and they served my girlfriend to go to court now because her and I have 2 kids together I really need help with this and I hope someone can help me