We The People

To be free from tyrany and oppression to raise our own children as we see fit.

Our children have been taken and the system responsible has taken away our rights to be parents, and to raise our own children. This is wrong and it must be stopped. The only way to stop this is by returning our children to the rightful place and that it should be with the parents, and the mother who brought them into this world should be first considered. If this is her choice, all judges should consider the natural order and that all are equal not just some and that we can deny one his own mother with out cause is a binding far from equal to those who are not so denied. To take away a young child is harmful and unless a harm has first been committed, it should not even be considered by the courts . The juvenile courts, can rule and decide where there is no judge no jury and often no reason for a child to be taken from its parent. This has been going on far to long that it should be ignored. The tax money that could be saved and the debt problem could be solved by ridding the states of these corrupt and greedy departments who seek to destroy the American people as a way to make money. Money that should help the people in need, instead serves to benefit the workers, and court officers who facilitate the crime they are committing against the children and unsuspecting Americans.

It is time that government take control of it's self and give back the children and stop taking them wrongfully, causing more harm to the family when they are supposed to prevent abuse and instead they are the ones inflicting abuse. The children can benefit from a shelter that will house them with the mother and help the family to support themselves with out government involvement. The government has such resources at there disposal, why not save money and put people to work for themselves, many of us are able and worthy. The fact that our children are kept from us is a wrong that should never have been considered. I demand a trial top tell me what I am guilty of and that this should be by a jury of citizens, and not the unfair practices they are currently using to deprive us of our liberty and happiness. It is time we take it into considering that the wrong can be corrected but must be done immediately. One child suffering is far too many !