We need An Economic Security Card Now (ESC)

We need An Economic Security Card Now (ESC)
SUBJECT: an Economic Security Card (ESC) ─ my authoritative proposal for an unparalleled economic plan that must be put forward by the President and Members of Congress during and after COVID 19.

Cooperative Owners of America: We Need a New Method to Calculate our Nation’s Financial System including yours. The time has come for each of us to make our voices heard and acted upon!

The Pierre Method is poised to execute its first phase—the apparition of an Economic Security Card to create cash millionaires out of ordinary working people. This will offer a welcome alternative to the life of restriction the majority of us must now live, giving us the opportunity to select from the wondrous variety of goods and services in this modern-day and age, from outstanding universities for our children’s education to luxurious houses, fine cars fully paid and more, contributing more to the tax base for the good of our country. Read more

I would very much like the opportunity to present to you an exciting proposal for an enhancement of the American Lottery and Social Security Benefits that, if implemented, would have the effect of substantially stimulating the state economy far beyond what they are now accomplishing.

Yes, We will have a big impact when most of the population forms partnerships. We will have several Investors’ Groups that worth $1,562,389,080 billion to $156,238,908,000 billion a month each, per “Control Number” ─ We will make a huge contribution to the development of President Trump’s agenda for an ever-stronger America. Our plan will be a blueprint for healing our ailing economy.

Everything will be done in self-perpetuating coordination that will generate an immediate turnaround in the U.S. economy, without bankrupting or compromising the systems in any way.

Once selected, the new millionaires will be transitioned into other groups to carry out various business ventures.

I know this sounds like a stretch! But my method is based on carefully proven mathematical calculations and the changes to the existing system could be easily, legally and inexpensively made.

Americans have always been crusaders and leaders. We need an America populated by millionaires to help this world in need NOW!!!

I have greatly enhanced my final result and call it: THE PIERRE METHOD. This unique Method will act as a magnet for investors’ group in a self-perpetuating system that will generate an immediate turnaround in the U.S. economy.
Our mini-seminars are enlightening to anyone who wants to understand how the “win/win" Pierre Method works so universally. Indeed, thousands of attendees are beginning to talk to others about the promise and the effectiveness of the Pierre Method. It seems we do not have to do any convincing—once demonstrated, the incredible efficacy of the Pierre Method speaks for itself. We are delighted, however, that these attendees have been moved to share the news about USA Share’s extraordinary opportunity to create millions of millionaires in the United States. They are spreading the word that the American Dream can now be a reality with the Pierre Method.

As a Floridian and a very proud American citizen (I am originally from Haiti and voted for the first time in the United States in the 2004 election), I envision Florida as the frontrunner in a nationwide economic boom directly resulting from the implementation of my revolutionary method.

Yes, it may sound hard to believe, but just because it has not been thought of or done before does not mean that it is not real and provable and doable. Please don’t let your skepticism turn you away from a program that can revolutionize our economy, reverse poverty and stimulate enormous economic growth.

The Public Servants that make this program happen will, quite simply, be heroes. After careful research and consideration about whom to present this to, I have chosen you the American people, including our President and Members of Congress—and above all, we are proud Americans. The truth is that I need fellow Americans and residents alike with the vision to see my vision, Americans who have successfully overcome restrictions and barriers

In a published study of Social Security, originally, the Social Security Act was named THE ECONOMIC SECURITY ACT, but this was changed. The Social Security Act signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on August 14, 1935, was only the foundation that provides the structure’s permanence to support the retirees. It was a good beginning, It’s our turn to erect the economic walls with the help of the voters, our President and Members of Congress.

LET US ERECT THE ECONOMIC WALLS NOW for the entire Social Security structure to endure, by providing another card to each American and resident alike named: THE ECONOMIC SECURITY CARD for a second-lifetime Income Annuity, therefore, the cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) can be eliminated for the retirees who participate in the program.

Using The Pierre Method, which requires only minimal investments, from $10, this goal is within reach. While looking to our leaders for input, we must nonetheless take control of our own destiny. Every man and woman in the United States can now help pay down the debts we owe foreign governments, while at the same time becoming financially independent.

If President Trump and his staff are in search of opportunities that can benefit our country and its inhabitants ─ who are desperate to do something to make a new America, where there is no terrorism, only solidarity and caring among countrymen ─ I can simply say: our Method is such an opportunity.

This is the time, this is the moment. The 8 following states: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Hawaii, Mississippi, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming that currently do not have lotteries would accept an Economic Security Card to implement their tax revenue.

As we know Social Security was not intended to be the sole source of income for retirees
The intention was for them to rely also on savings and investments.

With the actualization of my proposal ─ which involves the creation of business partnerships among Americans of all ages ─ older Americans can begin to live that intention. But it’s not just for retirees! This program will provide benefits long before retirement age, so that all Americans may live better lives. My intention is to put an end to the crippling cycle of poverty in the United States ─ and eventually the world with the help of our team in the White House!

The trustees estimate that by 2034 the combined trust funds for Social Security — will run dry due to demographic change and unless changes are made to how the system is funded. The payout may decline ─ but the program itself is not going anywhere.

Beware and Be Aware. Anyone born in 1960 or later will not reach full retirement age until they are 67. What should each of you do as a cooperative owner of America? The answer is simple: become a millionaire at your very early age using “The Pierre Method”.

In 2012, Social Security paid out $761.8 billion in benefits to individuals in the United States. Today, we can pay out an additional from $9,374,334,480 billion to $937,433,448,000 billion a year, and far more, while considering a patriotic contribution of 50% for the resurgence of our beloved country, and can be proven.

All this is absolutely possible with this never-before-conceived program envisioned and actualized by the founder and CEO of USA Share and creator of the Pierre Method, Mr. Champ Pierre, for you and Americans of all ages!

The relief package Congress passed is a lifesaver in this turbulent moment, but it won't come close to making up for the damage caused by the COVID-19 after. All Americans and residents alike must unite now. We need each other, the government to act immediately, to accept The Pierre Method, or we could fall into a depression rivaling the 1930s or more devastating due to increased population.

According to The United States Census of 1930 the U.S. population was122,775,046. The U.S. population today, at the start of 2020, numbers just over 331 million people. THIS IS SERIOUS─WE MUST ACT DIFFERENTLY─AND SUPER FAST!!!

Founded in 11/13/2001, Document # P01000108665, USA Share’s exciting group will be far more beneficial to its members than any industry heretofore in the entire world, enabling them to obtain literally millions of dollars. This new approach to making money was born on September 1st, 2008, under the aegis of USA Share, exclusively using The Pierre Method. It is already starting to be known by many as one of the biggest and best weapons we have in this time of such extreme economic challenge. Team-teaching of The Pierre Method in small classes has already begun and, with the momentum building, success in the near future is inevitable!

I am very eager to meet with you, fellow Americans, at your earliest possible convenience. I imagine your schedule is extremely busy, but I will make myself available to meet with you whenever you can make the time.

Recession? Economic Downturn? Maybe so, but America will rebound more prosperous than ever after COVID 19 ▬ Let us all unite NOW to apply The Pierre Method for the apparition of this needed Economic Security Card.

You are invited to be part of a new history in the making. WE – MUST – COME – TOGETHER – NOW – over virus threat – economic despair – racism – injustice and towards economic success!

By: Champ Pierre – CEO of USA Share, Inc., and Creator of The Pierre Method. ─
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