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We are asking that laws protecting citizens and consumers from invasive technologies, companies, and intelligence agencies be enacted in the United States. <br />
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Companies are collecting mass amounts of data under the legal guise of privacy disclaimers. We ask that laws be enacted that force simple, specific statements of specifically the party that our information will be shared with and that the sale of an individuals information be illegal. We ask the law state that our information cannot be sold, as it is our property. We also ask for laws protecting what can be stored and how long. We ask that a law prohibiting the storing of peoples' communications (including any written or spoken data between any two or more individuals, and headers and meta data), or that these communications be encrypted in a manner that companies cannot decode and not to be stored longer than the time it take to provide the requested services. We also ask that the law state that if the encryption is broken the company must immediately notify consumers, and replace the encryption system in a timely manner, or be subject to fines and civil and criminal liabilities.<br />
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We also ask that laws be enacted requiring companies to research and disclose the potential privacy concerns of the products and services they sell. People should know and be allowed to decide if they are willing to expose themselves to privacy issues in their homes. We also ask that companies that neglect these laws are subject to fines and to civil and criminal liabilities.<br />
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Finally, we ask for the end of survillance warrants for US citizens, issued by the FISA Court (involving citizens of foreign nations or not). We believe that US citizens should only be subject to warrants issued in traditional court systems of the United States (as in publicly sworn in judges, with rulings available to the public). We also ask that the law state that individuals working for the government in any form, found to have circumvented warrants from traditional courts, be held criminally liable to felony charges (with mandatory prison time, including entire agencies if they conspired to avoid traditionally obtained warrants, from traditional courts).<br />
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We demand privacy because it has come to our attention that little to no privacy currently exists in the United States. People have the right to privacy in their own homes pursuant to the 4th amendment. What we ask of you is to enact these laws, in the United States, to make privacy possible. <br />
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We demand the 4th amendment, we demand privacy. <br />
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Thank you for your time, commitment, and hard work.

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Aug 23rd, 2017
barbara f. from North Brunswick, NJ signed.
Apr 9th, 2017
Someone from Flagstaff, AZ signed.
Apr 8th, 2017
Charity N. from Flagstaff, AZ signed.
Apr 8th, 2017
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Apr 5th, 2017
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Mar 24th, 2017
Sequoya M. from Dewey, AZ writes:
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Corporate America can suck a fat dick
Mar 21st, 2017
Robert G. from Jennings, FL writes:
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Stop the undermining of the U.S. Constitution.
Mar 14th, 2017
Tyler F. from Flagstaff, AZ writes:
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No more unconstitutional spying on U.S. citizens!
Mar 10th, 2017
Stuart M. from Tempe, AZ signed.
Mar 10th, 2017
April F. from Flagstaff, AZ signed.
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