wayne county wv court and cps courupption

Judge Darryl pratt is one of the courrupt one he takes cps's side and he delay's the case and he does things crouptly

and Gary micheals is one of the courpt people that hides stuff for cps like judge pratt hides stuff for the cps workers and Ron Maynard from wayne elm. school in wayne wv and robin queen and Miranda Maynard is one that sides with them and help get kids taken from a good family by having family help her by scaring kids into saying what she wants and the worker heather maynez takes kids on hear say. and tells a bunch of lies to the parents and the x-teacher's aid chandra pratt of wayne wv. and stuff always gets coverd up here in wayne county through the courthouse by judge pratt and gary micheals and the cps worker that brings up old cases that are closed and puts them as new just to keep her case going she and the cps workers in wayne county wv us states money to go out of state on childrens and parents misery and she considers her self Heather Maynez cps she says shes cps she does what she wants as far as they are concerned and shes racist and shes against gays too.....please help wayne county wv cps and court corupption needs taken care of