Wake-up 2 Miracles

I just got out of prison in Iowa for being wrongfully convicted of child endangerment no injury. I just got my rights terminated to my 4 year old and 2 year old. All the grounds they specified don't apply to us.

My juvenile case and criminal case are both still in active appeal phases. This is for unintentionally falling asleep. I was entitled to an acquittal due to the lack of evidence, and had ineffective counsel.

A few days ago my children and I had what I was told was the "last visit" I am more than beside myself. They terminated ny rights the exaxt same day my criminal appeal had a filing for "final brief". This seems to be retaliation. I thought they had retaliated to much already by wrongfully convicting me at a jury trial.

I am a single mother of two children who never had their fathers involved. Their happiness has always meant mine. We were always together, healthy and at home. My daughter and me have a super close bond. My daughter was 3 1/2 and my son was only 8 months old and still breastfeeding. I was a natural at being a prudent, nurturing, loving mother to them. I was a bit overprotective and obsessed to say the least. My family was destroyed, and we did not deserve this. On March 20, 2019, that day, We had breakfast and were watching a movie. I unintentionally fell asleep. I was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. My ex boyfriend who is a veteran and has 5 kids of his own came home from work, woke me up to tell me my daughter was gone. My little miss made it through two child safety's to take my exes new untrained puppy outside to potty. They wandered into a neighbor's yard and police were called. I went straight to police station where they told me she was fine, and directed me to the local human services office. I finally could breathe. I arrived, (thanking god in my head and taking deep breaths of relief...with hope to pick her up)

Upon arriving at the department, (I was told I had to call it this) I was led to a room in the basement where there were 10-15 people I didnt know including the district county attorney, guardian ad litem, dhs workers, the police officer whom responded with a trainee, and several others. They brought my daughter in and we never hugged and held eachother so tight. I was questioned about what happened for about an hour with a great attitude for what happened. They claimed they thought I was under the influence, but I wasn't. I assured them nothing like this had ever happened before, but they then arrested me for child endangerment no injury in front of my babies. They emergency cina my kids the same day. None of this was necessary. My sister came to take them and she was handed a phone number and refused. I was in jail 3 days with an excessive bond... i didn't get to see my children for 8 days after our separation.
This felt like an eternity. I was told the key to getting them back was child safetys. This was far from true. I jumped through hoop after heartbreaking hoop having visits at a public library and told I had no say or rights to my kids this whole time. They didn't even get a family team meeting scheduled until 7-8 months into them being in foster care.

My daughter developed severe trauma from our separation and anxiety attacks at the age of 4. She begged at every visit to go home with me, and wasn't extremely distressed during our goodbyes. My son never wanted to let go and would cry because he just needed more mommy time. I lived at 3 different residences because they would never even do a home check, and kept making excuse after excuse of why they couldn't return them yet. It was clear the entire time that they had no intention of reuniting my family. They treated me like I was a child abuser and the closest thing to abuse they've ever known is the separation they have forced us through. I never knowingly endangered my children, I was always over protective. They had other plans to adopt my children out from the beggining. I have a page front and back of all the ways my rights were violated from day 1. There were also obscene false reports made by everyone involved. I have evidence supporting everything. Over 100 exhibits, and proof of all kinds. If there is any help out there, please reach out to me. I am a kind and honest person, with the biggest heart. My family did not deserve this.
All that has happened has been far from right and lawful. I unintentionally fell asleep, at a house we just moved to not even 1 week prior. I took responsibilty of course but I did not knowingly endanger my children ever. I have record of negative urinalysis while I was in jail.

My family needs justice and reunification. My kids should not have been children in need of assistance and had emergency removal the same day as my arrest. They refused to place them with family. Reasonable efforts weren't made to help us.

The people involved that were supposed to help did anything but that. They were against me from day 1, and my attorneys told me things they shouldn't have. This is a group of "legal" criminals of white collar crimes. They destroy innocent families with no reguards to people's emotions. They discrimate, laugh at, set up, violate peoples rights, break laws, lie under oathe, waste funding, while playing mind games & creating unnecessary tragedy, on the daily.

I want my family back. My kids need me and I need them. I just want this nightmare to end already. My children are my world! My family truly needs a miracle at this point, I won't quit praying! I will not give up hope! My goal is for a miracle by Christmas!

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