An Unfunded Mandate Requiring Union Bosses as EXCLUSIVE Bargaining Agents for Public Safety Workers

It's wrong to cheat the American people by voting for major policy changes in a lame duck session.

It is especially egregious to advance special-interest union legislation that will benefit union bosses while shifting costs onto taxpayers, as S. 3194, the so-called "Public Employee-Employer Cooperation Act" would do.

This bill is an unnecessary, expensive, and harmful bill that would force state and local governments to recognize union bosses as the exclusive bargaining agents for public-safety workers.

Local governments should not be forced by Washington, D.C. to impose forced unionization on their police, paramedics, and firefighters. This bill is an unfunded mandate on state and local government that will force a higher tax burden at the state and local levels.

I urge you to vote against cloture on S. 3194, and to further oppose cloture on any and all lame duck legislation other than an extension of current tax rates and a clean continuing resolution.