Voice of the people

We as American citizens should decide how our government is run.

The citizens of the United States were the founders of this country. We were the ones that were supposed to be in total control of this country. We elected officials to represent our concerns, our needs and our well being. In today?s society the officials no longer are the representation that they should be for the United States citizens to prosper correctly. America was the most powerful nation in the world when its officials worked for the American people, not for their own gain as political leaders. This does not take away from the few that are representing American citizens as best as possible. Though some elected officials that are doing right they are being out voted by ones that are not working in the best interest of America. How do we go about fixing this problem? We as a country of citizens that care about the future of our youth, and our youth's youth, must come together and make our voice heard. We must take control of the laws that are passed, the money that is spent, and the interests that the government takes part in. In today's society vote for things like American Idol more securely then you vote for elected officials. This can be fixed. Now is the time for the American public to want to fix the problems that our representation has created. Have you ever felt like your one vote didn't mean anything? Now is the time to fix that, make your voice be heard and your vote count as more then just a number for someone to enjoy a comfy seat in congress with. We can accomplish this by: Setting up an internet based voting system ware we decide what laws govern us and how our tax dollars are spent. Then the fate of our country will be ours and not some lobbyists that only want to find new ways to separate you from your cash. Then and only then will America be a true democracy.

Let your voice be heard!