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Issue: People Buying Standard PS4 controller

Problem: Gamers are often getting confused while buying controller as there is a substantial price difference.

You also might have questioned yourself if you Want A Sony-Licensed Controller?

If you want your new PS4 controller to be officially licensed, your options will be pretty limited. There’s the default Sony DualShock, the Razer Raiju, and Nacon’s Revolution Pro. Sony has only officially licensed those three, nothing else.

Licensed PlayStation 4 pads often carry a premium price tag. The Raizer Raiju will set you back $145.99 (Amazon), while the Revolution Pro costs $98 (Amazon). But, although expensive, you rest assured that a PS4 firmware update will not suddenly render them useless, as the case usually is with other unlicensed pads.


You can minimize the chances of a firmware update messing with your new PS4 controller by buying from a reputable manufacturer, even if it is not licensed.

It’s also worth taking note that, regardless of what pad you buy, unless it is the DualShock 4, you won’t be able to turn on your PS4 using the Home button. This is a feature exclusive only to Sony’s official DualShock 4.

However, console boost suggests that because all of our controllers are basically just modified DualShock 4’s, you are getting the best of both worlds with the purchase — a default DualShock 4 with the features of a pro-pad controller.

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