Veterans on Disability need an immeadiate increase in their disability checks

With the current Corona Virus Epidemic causing great economic distress for people who live on fix Disability incomes derived from Social Security Disability (SSDI) or Veterans Department Disability (VA disability compensation) there needs to be an emergency increase granted to help overcome the desperate needs of these people. This increase need not be permanent, but needs to be a short-term continuing cash increase that continues for the duration of this current crisis. This would mean extra monthly cash in the Disability checks for millions of Americans who are faced with enormous cash flow problems due to rising prices and tremendous increases in cash outlays due to the effects of the Corona Virus on the economy of America.

These would not be permanent increases, but short term ones to help people during the current crisis. These people on Disability are not Welfare Recipients, but are formerly hard working Americans who have already earned their entitlements in these programs, and this is especially true for the military Disabled Veterans.

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