Veterans Medical Processing Reform

Petition to reform Military Veterans Medical processing

In the United States, we have an all-volunteer Military, who after becoming disabled due to Military service, are left to suffer at the hands of an ineffective, bloated, Veterans Administration (VA).

The average initial disability claim review is over two (2) years. The average final review is four (4) years. That is a long time without work income. Let the President and our leaders know how you feel about our disabled Military begging for money on the TV? Sign this Petition, end this National shame.

The following suggestions are necessary to reform the incompetence of the Veterans Administration:

* By Presidential Order - Eliminate GS Employment restrictions, so you have the ability to hire fire or transfer out as needed. VA employees cannot be members of the Government Employee Union. If he "loves" us as much as he says, this should be no problem.

* Contract with a non-government Venture Capital Management Corp (VCMC) to down size the VA, facilitate their mission and eliminate duplication of its functions.

* Bring in specialist from USACIDC, to investigate fraud, waste and procurement abuse.

* Military Services: Utilize previously closed Medical facilities as Military Rehab Centers.

* Military to be rehabilitated, at the Medical Centers, prior to release from Active Duty.

* VA Disability to be determined, by the Medical Center, prior to discharge from Active Duty.

* Disability claims to be submitted to the nearest Military, Medical Center for validation and processing.

* Establish percentage and make the award. No long wait to determine eligibility.

* VA function will be to maintain their hospital system under the supervision of the Surgeon General of a military branch, rotating between Army and Navy. It has been members of the military family, the VA has been abusing.

By our signature we beseech you to treat our Military with dignity and respect. Give them the services they require, with no long waiting period. Stop the government waste; provide appropriate benefits immediately.

Your Constituent,

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